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Ambridge celebrates gay pride? – Wed 21.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 21st August 2013
  • The Flower and Produce Show celebrates diversity
  • Jolene finds THE dress
  • Caroline’s finally in the mood for a holiday
  • Martin won’t believe the facts
  • Caroline wants to go to Juliet’s house

The Flower and Produce Show celebrates diversity

Seems the theme of this year’s Flower and produce Show is the colours of the rainbow.

[Jolene] “Kenton wondered if it was Ambridge’s concession to gay pride.”

Most likely not … one suspects that chaps like Ian and Adam are actually just tolerated.

Jolene finds THE dress

Jolene and Fallon are out shopping for Jolene’s wedding dress. They start out in a bridal shop:

[Jolene] “That one!”

[Fallon] “Out-meringues a meringue”

So that’ll be a no then.

Jolene’s not really sure what she’s looking for. But, she knows she doesn’t want a HUGE big bride’s dress.

When Caroline and Oliver happen across the, as they’re also shopping:

[Oliver] “So, what’s all this then. Are you shopping for a special occasion?”


Caroline’s not very impressed by the dress Jolene had been trying on:

[Caroline] “It’s only because it isn’t, well, you know …”


Though Oliver and Fallon liked it, because Caroline didn’t, Jolene abandons it.

So, the search continues.

[Jolene] “It’s exhausting talking your clothes on and off all the time.”

[Fallon] “If you say so …”

They’re about to go home, when Fallon wants to pop into a vintage shop she frequents.

And there it is.

Jolene’s dress.

When she tries it on, Fallon starts crying.

Job’s a good ‘un!

(only one shopping trip to find THE dress? Jolene really is a perfect woman)

Caroline’s finally in the mood for a holiday

Caroline’s making lists.

She wants to be able to give every last detail over to Ray. Stuff like:

[Caroline] “One of the light bulbs in the lift isn’t working.”

But Oliver manages to distract her. He’s got tickets to the Arena Verona. Caroline is ever such an opera fan.

[Oliver] “Maybe it’s time to stop fretting over lists, and start looking forward to our holiday … My reward will be sitting on an Italian terrace, with you looking equally ravishing.”

[Caroline] “Oliver, you are a sweetie. Who needs Romeo!”


Martin won’t believe the facts

Kathy’s fuming that though she got her report to Martin on Monday (meaning she had to work on Sunday), he didn’t look at it for days.

What’s more, he seems to be accepting what Kathy has already told him:

[Martin] “Wastage appears to be normal.”

BUT he still wants to talk it through.

Though Kathy shows him again and again, he just won’t believe that her figures are right.

[Kathy] “You can even count the lemons behind the bar, if you like … The figures don't lie …and that’s what you care about, isn’t it?”

Kathy was also still mentioning that she has leave soon.

She is either (a) not going to get on holiday because of Martin or (b) have a permanent holiday, because of Martin.

Caroline wants to go to Juliet’s house

[Caroline] “It’s all nonsense, of course.”

But more than likely lovely, none-the-less.

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