Thursday, 1 August 2013

Matt leaves for Ambridge … but doesn’t – Thurs 01.08.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 1st August 2013
  • Matt doesn’t leave
  • Brenda’s staying
  • Brenda really is obsessed with Dmitry having a better job

Matt doesn't leave

Vitaly is grateful to Matt for  not prosecuting, but its only because he hasn’t got any money with which to do that.

Lilian’s send him his card, so at least he has enough cash to get back to Ambridge.

[Matt] “If we were back home, I’d go after my money with my last breath …I wanted to go back to Lilian, on top, with my head held high, my life turned round … I’ve been played Brenda, for a fool … last time I felt like this, well, let’s say the outcome weren’t good … someone died .. maybe in some indirect way, well, ya know.”

[Brenda] “You will be okay again. We all have to change, I’ve had to. In the end, there’s no choice.”

(goodness me! Busty Brenda’s brain really has kicked in!)

Vitaly drives Matt to the airport. He happens to mention that he has a contract in his pocket, which has the bloke who ripped them off name on it.

Matt nearly makes him crash the car trying to get it.

[Vitaly] “Get off me. You’ll get us killed … you’re crazy!)

[Matt] “Yeah, yeah. Maybe.”

When they get there, Vitaly tries to say goodbye.

[Matt] “You don’t expect me to shake your hand!”

The moment Vitaly drives off, Matt gets back in a taxi to St Petersburg …

… with his last breath, eh!

Brenda’s staying

Dmitry’s been working hard to persuade Brenda to stay longer with him in St Petersburg:

[Dmitry] “What will you do in this Ambridge village. Babysit little Bethany. Run into this Tom, and talk about, what? Return to work for … stay.”

He reckons she should stay for the whole summer. They could take a trip to his parents’ in Georgia.

[Dmitry] “Brenda, you must know, that I don’t want you to go. I can’t let you go.”

[Brenda] “If you put it like that …”

So, she decides to stay put.

(actually, I’d have stayed put, if someone had said it like that to me as well!)

At this point, Matt was sounding desperate to get home. But, he also put his pseudo-dad hat for a moment:

[Matt] “Oh Brenda, it’s all been so humiliating … he seems like a nice guy. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but have you thought this through? You sure this is the right decision for you?”

[Brenda] “All I can say is that it feels like, it feels amazing. I’m just taking it one day at a time.”

And what with Dmitry’s long hair and bike:

[Matt] “Nothing like Tom, eh. You're a better judge of character than I am. He seems someone you can trust. I found a semi criminal idiot!”

As Matt (seemingly) gets ready to go, he wishes her luck:

[Mike] “The last thing I need is Mike coming after me with a pitchfork.”

Brenda really is obsessed with Dmitry having a better job

Brenda took up part of Tatyana’s busy day to ask about Dmitry.

Though she started off talking about how she now realises she was in a rut back home, she quickly turns the subject to Dmitry. And his lack of good job.


She really is behaving rather oddly.

Brenda then goes to Dmitry’s work to ask for him, but the receptionist has never heard of him. In fact, the only juniors they have are two women.

Is Brenda just sensing that not all is at it seems with Dmitry?

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