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Nic gets to sit on a seat (I kid you not) – Wed 31.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 31st July 2013
  • Nic will sit down, whether she likes it or not
  • Pip drops them in it again (though it’s their own fault for saying she could)
  • Jill’s fair chuffed for Kenton
  • Elizabeth’s land isn’t selling
  • Cricket topical insert ahoy

Nic will sit down, whether she likes it or not

Nic was asking Jill what time she should get to the silent film night to help with the food.

Jill said that Clarrie said Nic couldn’t do it, as it’d mean standing.

[Nic] “That’s not what I told her at all … that’s very kind of her, but they’re my legs, and I’ll decide whether to stand on them or not … I wish everyone would stop telling me what to do!”

Jill laughs at her (in a nice way, kind of …).  Seems Clarrie said Nic would say that too.

[Nic] “It’s really nobody’s business but mine.”

Jill also had bad legs when she was pregnant with Kenton and Shula. Seems hers were made a bit better through Phil running her hot baths.

Later on, she asks Kenton if he’s heard of leg cramp in pregnancy.

[Kenton] “Not you as well. I’m on the case, mum”

(Will and Clarrie have got to him first)

When Nic gets to work at The Bull, there’s a stool waiting for her Behind the bar. And another in the Ploughman’s.

[Nic] “I’m not having it. I didn’t ask for it, and it’ll only get in the way.”

But Kenton has trialled it, and it’s easily not in the way.

[Nic] “Terrific, so the whole village knows about my leg cramps!”

[Kenton] “I don’t think the barn conversions on Hollerton road know yet, but I’m doing my best.”

Nic doesn’t find it funny. Kenton concurs:

[Kenton] “Leg cramps don’t have the comic potential of some of the other symptoms of pregnancy I’ve been told about.”

She nearly bursts a blood vessel when she’s told she also has a special table at the film night from which to sell tickets.

But, Kenton reasons that she’s not listening to those who are just trying to help her.

[Kenton] “So sit down, and shut up!”

On a calmer note, he wants her there. But, she no longer has the option to stand.

So, it’s the stool, or a version of Freda’s supportive stockings.

[Nic] “But that’s different. She’s, well, Freda. I am not being seen out in those.”

[Kenton] “And so, we come back to the stool.”

Nic finally sits down.

And is pleased.

(what a faff over nothing!)

Pip drops them in it again (though it’s their own fault for saying she could)

Pip’s been offered more agency work. This time, in Berkshire. Which means she’d have to stay over.

She was going to say no, as it’s harvest at Brookfield next week, but David insisted she take it.

[Pip] “Anyone would think you’re trying to get rid of me!”

After Pip has trotted away:

[David] “It’s typical, just when we really need her, she gets pulled away all the time.”

Fair play to them for letting her go. But, no point then moaning about it.

But, of course, David and Ruth do moan. In-between trying to be practical about it.

Ruth has to go on an AI refresher course at the same time, but they can just about manage to ferry Ben around and can use Eddie for the cows that are still needing milked (most are drying out). All depends, of course, on whether the harvester not breaking down.

Which it’s likely to do.

[Ruth] “Oh well, we’ll manage somehow I suppose … and at least Pip came to check with us first.”

(and look on the bright side. If this other place REALLY rates her, they might even get her out of Brookfield forever more).

Jill’s fair chuffed for Kenton

Jill was very, very happy that Jolene made a point of coming over to show her the engagement ring. After all, she missed out on everything to do with Kenton’s  wedding last time. When  she asked Kenton if Jolene’s also been showing it to everyone else:

[Kenton] “People are having to keep their sunglasses on inside the pub!”

Joking aside, Kenton’s also well chuffed.

[Kenton] “It’s such a good feeling at last to …”

[Jill] “Belong?”

[Kenton] “Yes, that’s it exactly.”

[Jill] “It’s taken a while hasn’t it, for you to feel settled.”

[Kenton] “I’m sorry if I’ve out you through it, you and dad.”

Jill reckons that’s all in the past. And this marriage is the:

[Jill] “Start of a really fulfilling future for you.”


I’ve never heard Jill so positive and happy with Kenton.

Elizabeth’s land isn’t selling

Which means she can’t rebuild the diary.

Oh dear.

Cricket topical insert ahoy

The world beyond Ambridge is increasingly encroaching into our resident’s lives these days.

Today, it was cricket.

[David] “At least the Ashes are on this week while Pip’s still around, so I might get to watch the highlights.”

Didn’t they do well!

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