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Jolene chooses her ring – Wed 24.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 24th July 2013
  • Normal service resumes at Lilian’s
  • Will the shrink wrap ever be resolved?
  • Jolene chooses her ring
  • Royal Baby topical ahoy!
  • Rob goes to the nature reserve with Tom
  • Ambridge won against Little Croxley
  • Rob tells Tom to increase production
  • Rob wants kids but his wife doesn’t?

Normal service resumes at Lilian’s

[Lilian] “Right, I’m back in action.”

[Anthea] “Oh. I didn’t expect to see you again this afternoon, Mrs Bellamy.”


Seems normal service hasn’t resumed. Lilian’s just had a nap.

[Anthea] “I assumed you’d fallen into a  deep sleep.”

While Lilian slumbered, Anthea sorted Larry the Plumber. And has news about the asbestos in the old mill.

Which Lilian is furious about. She wanted to deal with that herself.

[Anthea] “By your own admission, Mrs Bellamy, your behaviour was rather erratic this morning.”


Anyhoo – the good news is that it’s only white asbestos (which is seemingly a lesser evil). But, they will have to survey about what and where, which means work still has to stay on hold.

Will the shrink wrap ever be resolved?

Seems to be taking a while.

Kenton’s sausages from Tom were even late today.

What is the world coming to?

Jolene chooses her ring

Kenton’s in a rush this morning:

[Kenton] “Never hold up a woman in search of an engagement ring Tom!”

As they drive to get Jolene’s engagement ring, they sing Get Me to the Church on Time. Which reminds Kenton:

[Kenton] “You don’t actually want to get married in the Church, do you?”

[Jolene] “No way! I want a simple service, and a massive party afterwards.”

They haven’t set a date, but agree that they do want to get married soon.

[Kenton] “Has anyone fainted yet? When you told them?”

[Jolene] “Freda pulled quite a face. Said we deserved each other. I’m hoping it’s a compliment …”

[Kenton] “Joe Grundy nearly bought me a point … he only had enough money for some baccy.”

When they look at rings, Jolene isn’t bothered about flaws that can’t be spotted with the naked eye. She doesn’t want one with too much colour to it. And she doesn’t want an expensive one.

Kenton says not to worry about the cost.

[Jolene] “Not if we want to eat again!”

But, Jolene reckons she’s found the right one already.

[Kenton] “Do you not want to do the normal female thing? Traipse rough 5 shops, then come back here to buy this one anyway?”

[Jolene] “Nope. I’ve made up my kind. So why mess around?”

[Kenton] “Jolene, you really are my perfect woman.”


Bless ‘em.

Royal Baby topical ahoy!

[Kenton] “He’s perfected that Royal wave already.”

[Jolene] “ Was welling up when I saw him on telly the overnight. Lucky baby … I just think Kate and William will make a smashing mum and dad.”

Rob goes to the nature reserve with Tom

I hope Helen doesn’t see them, after Rob snubbed her invite.

(though that had more to do with Rob’s wife than Helen?)

Rob wanted to take photos of the reserve for his welcome pack.

(which is bound to be a huge tome, considering how much he’s putting into it!)

[Tom] “I haven’t got to pretend I’m a twitcher, am I?”

Ambridge won against Little Croxley

Well done .

Rob tells Tom to increase production
(just as Tony feared he would)

Seems the ready meals are still selling, but not too fantastically well.

But, Rob reckons Tom needs to increase production now. He once had a mate who was in the same position, but didn’t. He lost out big time.

And as Tom’s ready meals are a frozen product, they have a long shelf life.

So where’s the risk?


Sounds like a plan for disaster to me.

Rob wants kids but his wife doesn’t?

As Tom and Rob wander round the nature reserve,:

[Tom] “I’m surprised she didn’t want to show you round herself.”

They talk about Henry. How he loves it here. How seldom he cries (“unless can’t have another piece of cake”.)

Rob says he admires Helen for having Henry herself.

[Tom] “Once she decided that’s what she wanted, nothing was going to stop her … she’s so much happier now.”

Rob then talks about how much he’s bothered when people can’t commit. He reckons parents should accept compromises have to be made when they have kids.

Is that it?

Is there a problem to do with kids between Rob and his wife?

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