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Brenda has a rubbish life – Tues 02.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 2nd July 2013
  • Jennifer rates Caroline as “really stylish”
  • Brenda calls Lilian on holiday (part 2)
  • Phoebe wants Brenda out
  • Brenda realises how rubbish is her life
  • Brian kicks Rob up the bottom

Jennifer rates Caroline as “really stylish”

So therefore perfect to be the Meeter-Greeter at the Swishing.

Actually, Jennifer’s feeling a tad stressed about the Swishing. She’s praying the quality of the clothes will be good enough:

[Jennifer] “I’m counting on there being some really posh frocks. All we need is for them to end up in a heap!”

Conversely, Brian isn’t even listening.

[Jennifer] “Brian, you misht try and sound ineteretsed. A bit of support would go amiss, especially as it’s for the organ fund!”

But Brian’s also stressed about (what he sees as) more important matters.

He needs staff for his Super Dairy. Though that lass Becky took the job, and they’re still on the case for John Raphael McCardo (the chap living in the Philippines), they still need the rest of the milkers.

[Brian] “So you can see why I can’t get terribly excited about your swilling.”

[Jennifer] “Swishing!”

Brenda calls Lilian on holiday (part 2)

Goodness. Brenda really doesn’t learn from her mistakes.

This time, Brenda interrupts Lilian’s holiday to basically tell her ‘I told you so’ … the tenants didn’t want No.3 considering they can’t redecorate themselves for a rent discount.

We don’t get to hear Lilian’s response.

I’m sure it would have too blue for 7.02pm anyhoo …

Phoebe wants Brenda out

Phoebe tells Brenda that No.3the Green would be perfect for her.

[Brenda] “Not really …”

[Phoebe] “Oh, I know it’s not possible … It’s not easy, I don’t suppose, being in someone else’s house. It must be hard to bring your friends back …”


That’s more Phoebe’s want than Brenda’s.

How very awkward for Brenda to be told by a kid to get on, and move out.

Brenda realises how rubbish is her life

Brenda’s moaning about Lilian to Mike.

[Mike] “Just do your job as best as you can and ignore her.”

But, it’s not just Lilian. Everything else is naff in Brenda world.

[Brenda] “I just don’t know where I want to be or what I want to be doing. It’s like I’m stumbling around in the dark.”

Back onto Lilian:

[Brenda] “What am I doing there? All they want is someone to answer the phones and keep the diary. When I think of all the hopes I had when I finished at Uni, and here I am, back at square one.”

Mike reckons Brenda now at least has experience:

[Brenda] “At what? All I’ve learned at Amside is how to lie to clients and massage Lilian’s insecurity! … I’ve got zero love life, a job I hate and I'm living in my brother’s spare room.”

[Mike] “Put like that, it doesn’t sound great.”

[Brenda] “It’s not funny … How can I commit to a six month tenancy when I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do … it’s like I’m doggy paddling in some massive great ocean.”

[Mike] “This ain't like you love.”

[Brenda] “I know, it’s scary.”

[Mike] “It’ll come right … you've just got to hang in there.”

[Brenda] “I hope you’re right. Sometimes I think it’s game over.”

Oh dear.

Bleak days for Brenda.

Brian kicks Rob up the bottom

Though Rob reckons the dairy is on schedule, Brian isn’t convinced.

[Brian] “What you’re telling me is that everything’s practically ready to go. Except for the small detail that we haven’t got anyone to milk the cows!”

[Rob] “Don’t worry, I’ll find them.”

That’s not good enough, according to Brian. He wants Rob to go to an Agency. Even though it will cost extra.

[Brian] “It’s what I want done!”

After Rob has left, and Jennifer’s pea and ham soup, Brian’s chuffed with the results of his chat:

[Brian] “Because I’ve just given him a  rocket.”

[Jennifer] “You didn’t!”

[Brian] “A very small one …”

[Jennifer] “I hope you haven't upset him. He’s such a nice chap.”

Never mind Jennifer. Not that Brian has that sorted, he’s actually interested in your Swishing.

[Brian] “If your swish doesn’t get a page in Borchester Life, I’ll be amazed!”

What’s more, Rob’s even back with downloads of candidates from an agency.

[Brian] “There you are Jenny. The result of one very small rocket … I’d say we understand each other a lot better now.”

We can say a lot about Brian, but he does get results …

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