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Lilian demands Brenda – Wed 10.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 10th July 2013
  • Ben only has a wee bag
  • David’s a bad texter
  • Lilian stalks Brenda
  • Hayley’s treat on her day off
  • Pip doesn’t wreck Brookfield
  • Ben eating the flapjacks has Jill in hysterics

Ben only has a wee bag

Jill’s shocked.

He’s supposed to be staying with her for a whole weekend, while Ruth and David are away on a break.

[Pip] “Ben’s needs are pretty simple, they only revolve around food.”

David’s a bad texter

Seems no-one can understand his texts.

[Pip] “Dad doesn’t do punctuation.”

Lilian stalks Brenda

Roy and Hayley are having a rare day off together. They’re relaxing in the house, wondering what’s happened to Brenda.

Seems she was late in last night, and hasn’t been seen since. They’re not sure if she has a day off, or if she’s running late.


She’s gainfully unemployed, and delighted by that fact. When she finally comes downstairs, she tells Roy and Hayley that she quit Amside. There was them thinking Lilian had given Brenda the day off, after having held the fort solo while she and Matt were on holiday.

[Brenda] “Lilian’s given me nothing … I’ve jacked that stupid job in … I was sick and tired of doing the work of three people … bot to mention being constantly belittled, exploited …”

Brenda doesn’t care to work any notice:

[Brenda] “Lilian can sue me if she likes.”

[Hayley] “What you going to do now?”

[Brenda] “Right now, go back to bed.”

While Brenda goes back to sleep, Lilian’s frantically calling her mobile.

[Lilian’s voice message to Brenda] “Brenda, this is ridiculous. You need to pick up your phone and we need to talk!”

Seems the phones at Amside are driving Lilian loopy.

[Lilian’s other voice message] “This is ridiculous! You’re completely over reacting … come into the office and do the job you’re paid for!”

When Brenda plays back Lilian’s messages, she just gives a hearty laugh.

[Brenda, to herself] “I don’t think so.  Sounds like you’ve got plenty of other calls to answer anyway. Welcome to my world Lilian, see how you like it!”

When Brenda hears that one, she just goes off into town to buy herself something new.

(hmmm … she might want to save her pennies! Roy concurs)

[Roy] “With all the money she isn’t earning … no matter how bad things are, you don’t just quit a job!”

Quite right. There’s no exactly many other jobs on offer, especially in Ambridge.

[Hayley] “I think this is more than just about a job anyway … split with Tom, not this. Seems to me it’s a good time for her to take stock of her life.”

All fine and good to be so philosophical … not so easy to do when a furious Lilian pulls up outside your house:

[Roy] “Thanks Brenda. What we gonna say?”

[Hayley] “Let’s see what Lilian says first.”

[Lilian] “You can tell Brenda her behaviour is completely unacceptable, it’s childish … “

Lilian complains that she’s having to do the work of three people (erm, as Brenda did). That the phone keeps ringing (Brenda always had to answer the phone, while doing the work of three people). And that she has to be in 14 different places at one (again, as Brenda had to do!).

[Hayley, to Roy] “Not exactly apologising, is she?”

[Roy] “No, if Brenda was holding out for a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates, she’ll be disappointed.”

[Lilian] “Brenda’s made her point, this stops here. I expect her back in the office tomorrow!”

Chances of that?

Next to nil.

Hayley’s treat on her day off

Is Roy “whisking” her off to the supermarket.

[Hayley] “Aw. My glamorous life.”

Pip doesn’t wreck Brookfield

Well, it has only been part of a day that Pip’s been in charge alone. But, she’s done well and also enjoyed it.

[Pip] “You can tell them I;m having the time of my life, and that doesn’t mean wild parties and staying in bed til 12!”

Yup, the normal Pip is back. She’s dependable, and has even turned down dairy milker relief work to loom after Brookfield while her folks have a break (at her suggestion).

[Pip] “I suppose I owe them something.”

(well, there’s that. And that you do also get paid to work at Brookfield …)

[Jill] “Oh Pip, you’re a good girl!”

Ben eating the flapjacks has Jill in hysterics

They were for Pip.

Ben ate them.

Jill finds this hilarious.

Whatever amuses you is fine by us, Jill.

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