Thursday, 18 July 2013

Rob worms his way in – Thurs 18.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 18th July 2013
  • Rob’s taking both of Pat and Tony’s bairns
  • Caroline takes to her bed
  • Anthea takes control of Lilian
  • Tom’s told Brenda’s gone

Rob’s taking both of Pat and Tony’s bairns

An arc nearly slipped off of Tom’s van. Rob happened to be there, and helped him get it back on.

Tom tells him how business is going. Seems his meatballs are completely sold out, and there’s only two casseroles left, from Monday’s shipment. The supermarket is asking for another delivery, and may even up their order.

BUT as it’s launch week, they need to see regular sales before they commit.

Rob tells Tom that he had one of his casseroles last night. He was very impressed. “memorable packaging” and the “right portion size”.

That’s that. Tom will be putty in Rob’s hands for life.

Rob then goes out in Tony’s MG with Tony.

And happens to still be at Bridge Farm when Helen comes back.

[Tom] “And here comes Helen. She’ll be glad she caught you, Rob.”

(I’d bet!)

Despite Rob showing interest in his MG, Tony’s now also not convinced that Rob is a force for good:

[Tony] “I mean, he’s a nice enough chap … I think you’re right, I’m not sure he’s a good influence.”

[Pat] “So you can also see what’s happening? I can’t bear watching. He’s married, for heaven’s sake, yet the minute he appears, Helen completely changes, behaving like a teenager. Hanging on his every word, deferring to him …”

[Tony] “No, not that, I was thinking more of the effect on Tom.”


Tony’s worried that Rob is egging Tom on to expand too quickly. To even start up new products, when the ready meals aren’t established yet.

[Tony] “Tom was lapping it up.”

[Pat] “So, he can be so impressionable  … it’s hard enough already keeping his feet on the ground.”

So, Helen’s smitten. And Tom’s also under Rob’s spell.

[Tony] “He’ll never listen to common sense again.”

Oh dear.

Yet another reason for Pat and Tony to despise the Super Dairy, Rob (and by commonality, Jennifer and Brian).

Caroline takes to her bed

And Oliver intends to keep her there. She needs to be flat out for at least a week or two.

[Oliver] “It’ll take as long as it takes Caroline.”

Anthea takes control of Lilian

Anthea is Lilian’s temp.

She’s driving her potty already.

Seems Anthea is very exact. Because of which, she can be rather slow to get work completed. Including trying to work out just where is one of Lilian’s flats.

[Lilian] “It would have been quicker ringing all the door bells!”

(well, surely Lilian should know where the flat is in the first place!)

[Anthea] “Are you entirely comfortable with the cells styles in your spread sheets?”

Lilian couldn’t give a monkey about spread sheets.

Anthea also has very strict dietary requirements. And has to leave for lunch at an exact time.

Which infuriates Lilian. She wanted to go out, but will now have to wait in herself for her new blinds …

Ah well.

At least she now doesn’t have to do all of the work herself.

Tom’s told Brenda’s gone

It falls to Pat to tell Tom that Brenda’s left her job, and has gone on holiday.

Tom doesn’t seem too perturbed.

[Tom] “She’s made so many crazy decisions lately, I just hope she doesn’t regret them one day.”

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