Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Matt’s money has gone – Tues 30.07.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 30th July 2013
  • Matt’s receipt was for office supplies
  • Matt attacks Vitaly
  • Brenda don’t wear fur
  • Brenda’s not impressed with Dmitry’s job?
  • Was the diamond for Brenda?

Matt’s receipt was for office supplies

Poor Matt.

Leonid explains to him that his money is totally gone. It was withdrawn the day after he deposited it.

The receipt Vitaly gave him was for office supplies. Poor Matt had no ken … he doesn’t understand Russian.

[Matt] “My offshore fund. Gone.”

[Leonid] “Sometimes things here in Russia are a little unregulated. Sometimes things happen, and we simply have to walk away.”

[Matt] “This is no small investment. Not to me.”

Matt attacks Vitaly

Leonid sprung Vitaly from prison.

When he comes into the room, he tries to explain to Matt that he had to move the move to secure the deal.

Matt jumps on him. Leonid (Vitaly’s dad) does nothing to stop him.

[Leonid] “I wanted to do the same myself for some time.”

Once extracted from Matt, Vitaly explains that both of their money has done. The bloke they were doing the deal with has taken the lot.

[Vitaly] “I’m sorry, I was wrong. Badly wrong. I think we have to write off this investment.”

It’s also why Vitaly was arrested. The said bloke has very good contacts.

Seems Vitaly did the deal on his own, without his dad. Dad, it would seem, has the brains of the family.

[Leonid] “I’m sorry Matt, I’m not going to bail him out again.”

[Matt] “So lets him prosecute!”

[Leonid, to Vitaly] “You always wanted to punch above your weight, but you don’t know how to.”
So where does that leave Matt?

Leonid cautions against going to the Police. They’re on the payroll, and it’d only put his life in danger. He advises Matt to give up, and go home without his money.

[Matt] “But I can’t go back to Ambridge without it.”

[Leonid] “Please, for your own safety, listen to me … take the loss, and take the flight.”

Will Matt listen?

Probably not.  he has far too much pride.

Brenda don’t wear fur

Brenda’s out shopping with Tatyana.

Of course, it’s Russia, so they’re looking at fox and chinchilla fur (!)

[Brenda] “I don’t wear fur. It’s not right.”

[Tatyana] “Oh my dear girl, all that tells me is you haven’t  lived in a cold country.”

Fair point.

But still oh so wrong.

Brenda soon drops her principles … she tries on mink, and can’t believe how right it is.


Brenda’s not impressed with Dmitry’s job?

Seems to be the case.

She was asking Tatyana if she think Dmitry will ever get a job as good as hers.

So, he’s the perfect man, except for the job?

My, how the lady has changed.

She was betrothed to a pig farmer only a few moments ago.

Was the diamond for Brenda?

Just after Dmitry asked Brenda to stay in Russia with him 9for a bit longer, at least), Brenda found a diamond when she was looking for a towel (as you do).

It was the same one she’d admired the other day.

Dmitry reckons it belongs to the owner of the house.

Believe that?

Of course not.

Odds on Dmitry actually being the owner of the house.

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