Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Matt hasn’t got a penny left – Tues 23.07.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 23rd July 2013
  • Brenda wakes up with Dmitry
  • Vitaly’s gone
  • Brenda’s contemplative
  • Matt’s left with nothing

Brenda wakes up with Dmitry

[Dmitry] “You look like a little girl when you sleep Russian.”


They’re having breakfast together. That didn’t take Brenda long …

She’s woken up in a four poster bed, in a rather huge room.

[Brenda] “It’s like a ballroom!”

[Dmitry] “Actually, he’s got one of those downstairs.”

Seems they’re in a mansion – one that Dmitry is looking after for his employer.

[Brenda] “I never know places like this existed. I’ve never been anywhere so beautiful.”

They have a bath in a massive bath, which has gold and its own stove.

[Brenda] “This is hilarious … I mean, it’s wonderful!”

Dmitry seems to find Brenda just as wonderful.

[Dmitry] “So, tell me, beautiful Brenda … everything.”

He wants to know about her family. Friends. Her first kiss. Her whole life.

[Brenda] “You won’t get bored?”

No. Dmitry seems to be genuinely interested.

After (what I imagine) is hours upon hours:

[Dmitry] “Daughter of Mikhail and sister of Bethan, you’ve gone a bit like a prune.”

(Brenda has fleeting moments of worry for Matt, but they soon pass amongst the opulence)

As they explore the mansion:

[Brenda] “Waltzing, brilliantly, I’m in a ballroom, aren’t I!”

Dmitry wants her to stay with him. He has serious plans:

[Dmitry] “Sightseeing, drink champagne, dance in the ballroom!”

[Brenda] “You’re the most gorgeous man I’ve ever met.”


That’s nice.

(isn’t it?)

Vitaly’s gone

Matt’s distraught to find out that Vitaly has checked out of the hotel.

He’s also not at his office.

Nor can be reached by phone. According to his staff.

Matt starts shouting:

[Matt] “I’m not going anywhere. I have a large investment … I need to speak to him, or someone else in authority, right now … you need to get off your arse and talk to who you need to talk to!”

[Security bloke] “You are in reasonable shape, but you’re middle aged bloke …”

[Matt] “What did you just say to me?”

But Matt’s indignation doesn’t last long. He’s too busy being strong armed out of the building.

Brenda’s contemplative

Waking up in such luxury seems to have made Brenda very ponderous:

[Brenda] “All those people on those boats … their lives carry on .. .we’ll never know them, talk to them … Or, just as easily, by some kind of miracle, we might just see them across a room. Or in a hotel coffee shop. And get to know them.”

How uncommonly deep for our Busty Brenda.

Matt’s left with nothing

Once Matt has picked himself up, and brushed himself off, he gets back to his hotel to find that he’s been checked out of his hotel. His bill has been paid, and his luggage is in the storeroom.

How odd.

The hotel wonders to Matt if Brenda will be staying or also leaving.

[Matt] “I haven't a clue what the young lady’s up to.”

When he tries to get another room, his card comes up as not valid.

The second card he tries also doesn’t work.

So, Matt calls Lilian. When she finally answers:

[Lilian, rather smugly] “Ah Matt. I wonder when I’d hear from you.”

He shouts at her for taking her time to call him back.

[Lilian, loving every moment] “Ah, I’m sorry, was I a little slow for you. Well, I’m here now darling, what do you want?”

[Matt] “Have you stopped my cards?”

[Lilian] “I most certainly have.”

[Matt] “How could you Lilian!”

[Lilian] “Quite early. Have you any idea how much money you’re spending from the business accounts?”

[Matt] “Lilian, I need money desperately.”

[Lilian] “How could you, you’re using your offshore money .. .you’re working on a private deal, using your money, which you haven’t seen fit to discuss with me, your business partner, so it follows that you don’t need my money, does it?”

Lilian asks Matt what’s happening, but he won’t tell her. He says he can’t explain.

[Matt, furious] “Just make the call and have my cards restored straight away, you’ve got to do it!”

[Lilian] “Is that all you’ve got … no attempt to explain … can you honestly give me a single reason why I should?”

Matt groans.

[Lilian] “Oh, I’m sorry, am I boring you, perhaps I should go?”

She hangs up.

[Matt, in terror] “Lilian, oh god, Lillian!”


What’s Matt going to do now?

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