Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Nic has leg pains – Tues 30.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 30th July
  • Nic wakes the household
  • Anthea’s driving Lilian to drink
  • New puppy!

Nic wakes the household

By waking up in the middle of the night, in agony.

[Nic] “It’s alright ma. Mummy’s just got that sore leg again.”

As it’s 5am, and all the kids are awake, there’s not a chance they’ll go back to sleep again.

So Will packs them off to watch a DVD.

Nic’s ever so sorry. Seems this has been happening quite a lot.

When Nic mentions it to Clarrie, she’s worried. If Nic’s not on her feet with the kids, she’s on her feet working at The Bull. And she’s also meant to be helping with the silent film night. Clarrie reckons that’s far too much.

[Nic, fuming] “Clarrie, I can make up my own mind!”

(well, it’s not often our Nic loses her temper)

Unperturbed, Clarrie harasses Will instead.

But, Will knows Nic loves working at The Bull.

[Will] “She loves that job … I daren’t push it.”

But, Clarrie won’t have that either. She can see they’re both knackered, so suggests Will at least talk to Kenton and Jolene to see if Nic can have jobs to do that don’t involve standing up. Like wrapping cutlery, or checking stock.

[Will] “It’s still going behind Nic’s back.”

[Clarrie] “If you won’t say summit to them, I will!”

So, Will goes to the pub:

[Will] “I need your help Kenton, I’m caught between two women, and I don’t know what to do.”

Ah, Kenton should know.

He’s been there many a time.

Anthea’s driving Lilian to drink

(to be fair, it doesn’t take much to achieve that in most circumstances)

Lilian was up late again. She’s still not sleeping well.

Anthea’s been busy, though. She’s sent Lilian a plethora of emails telling her all about it.

Top on the list is the asbestos. The removal of it has started.

In less important news, Anthea suggests  they should photograph the  appliances in each property they rent so that they can keep a proper record.

[Lilian] “It all sounds excellent Anthea, but I need a pint of coffee to get my head around these things.”

There’s a point. Anthea reckons the whole Amside office runs on sugar, coffee and headache tablets. She, of course, doesn’t drink coffee. Only green tea.

(doesn’t every office live on sugar, coffee and headache tablets?)

Later on, Lilian has to hit the pub for a GandT.

[Lilian] “There’s nothing like being round someone as uptight as Anthea to want to kick back.”

Ah well, at least Anthea’s getting the job done.

New puppy!

After the death of Meg, Will’s got a new puppy.

It’ll be trained up as a gundog. According to Will the most important command for a gundog to learn is to sit and stay. Then only come when it’s called.

But, George is more focused on what to called it.

After having failed to persuade Nic and Will to call their forthcoming child Boaz, he now tries it for the puppy.

Will must have seen this coming.

[Will] “How bout Baz? Like a short version of Boaz.”

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