Friday, 26 July 2013

Rob’s wife doesn’t understand him – Fri 26.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 26th July 2013
  • Jess is not for Ambridge
  • Caroline’s not even allowed to spray plants
  • Martin makes Kathy her sums again
  • £2k, then they can book the church organ repairer
  • Kathy’s in charge of the silent film night
  • Pat’s horrified Rob made in into the office

Jess is not for Ambridge

Rob’s in Ambridge Organics again.

[Helen] “Nuts and raisins and energy bars don’t make for a great supper!”

That’s not Rob’s tea. That his sustenance while he drives down to Hampshire.

[Rob] “Jess can’t make it … she simply won’t give Ambridge a chance.”

He’s upset, so Helen takes him into her office. She claims she just doesn’t want him to drive angry.

Seems that he had got his cottage all ready for Jess’ arrival, Jess called to say she couldn’t come as her dad’s chiropodist was due. Rob reckons her mum is there, and the chiropodist arriving is no excuse for her to not be able to travel.

[Rob] “It’s not him, Dennis likes people coming round. She’s just being impossible … I told Jess Ambridge is perfect … I can’t think of a better place to start over … it hasn’t been plain sailing recently.”

With Jess seemingly refusing to move to Ambridge, Rob might have to move to Hampshire.

He’s fuming.

He feels he left Canada for her and for her dad. Now that her dad is better, she doesn’t seem to want to repay the sacrifice.

[Rob] “Marriages are meant to be about give and take … I’m talking to the wrong person amn’t I. I need to say this to Jess.”

[Helen] “Sometimes it helps to say it out loud first.”

[Rob] “Thanks Helen, there’s no-one else in Ambridge I could … well, I can’t talk to Brian like this … you’ve been a real, friend.”

Helen gave a big sigh when Rob left.

She obviously wants more than friendship. So that all must have been hard to hear.

But then again.

Being Rob’s confidante may have its advantages later on …

Caroline’s not even allowed to spray plants

From her sick bed, Caroline’s been watching one of their plants get “dustier and droopier”. She goes to spray it, but Oliver forces her back into bed.

She’s also not allowed to ask about Grey Gables. Oliver’s tending to that.

What a chap that Oliver is.

Runs her business. Make sure she rests. And he puts Camomile lotion on her back for her.

[Caroline] “Simply one treat after another when you’re ill.”

Oliver does have a proper treat for her later on. Crème Brulee.

[Caroline] “I’d stop my own funeral for crème brulee!”

Seems the Crème was Ian’s work, but Oliver is in charge of the brulee.

He’s even brought the torch (but won’t let Caroline have a go)

Caroline begs for even gossip from Ambridge:

[Caroline] “Have aliens landed on the green? Has Gemma Hawkins danced naked three times round the village pond?”

[Oliver] “It’d be news if she hadn’t!”

(who is this Gemma Hawkins? She was also at the Swishing. I don’t think I’ve heard of her before)

Martin makes Kathy her sums again

Kathy’s furious.

Seems Martin has made her to her figures again. And again.

Pat sympathises. She and Tony used to be Martin’s tenant. She reckons he just likes throwing his weight around.

[Pat] “You’ve just got to smile politely, make him feel important and get through the meeting.”


But, Kathy’s more worried about her job. She thinks Martin will find fault, and make her the scapegoat.

[Pat] “He can be quite pompous, but he has a shrewd head on his shoulders.”

Kathy just wishes Martin had people skills …

£2k, then they can book the church organ repairer

So says Neil.

Seems they can book the repairer in when they are half way there to raising the full amount.

Grand effort, everyone!

Kathy’s in charge of the silent film night

And has set tickets at £15.

Which Pat feels is far too much.

No matter. They’re selling just fine. Plus kids tickets are only £7, and they get a free drink.

For your £15, you get three short films (comedy, thriller and romance) with live piano accompaniment.

[Kathy] “Patrick. Not Valda.”

[Pat] “Well, that’ll be alright then.”

(poor Valda. That’s the second time someone has made that point. Does no one appreciate her?)

And everyone is dressing up. Seems Hilary Noakes has bagged Charlie Chaplin (which Kathy wanted).

Pat’s horrified Rob made in into the office

Kathy was in Ambridge Organics when Rob had been in the office with Helen. She happened to mention that to Pat.

[Pat] “You were talking to Rob, in the office? That’s unusual isn’t it, letting someone in there … Did he say anything about his wife? Is She any closer to finding work here?”

[Helen] “I don’t know, and I don’t care mum. It’s none of my business!”

Listen to your mum, Helen …


caroline_venezia said...

No, I've never heard of Gemma Hawkins either.

Or Martin either - and didn't catch that Pat & Tony used to be his tenants. How long ago, any idea? Could be before I started listening or that it's just dropped off!

Or Valda!! Who is Valda?

We're just having a big catch-up, so thanks as always for all the bits I'd missed and a good few laughs along the way!

Inga McVicar said...

Martin - seems it's spelt Martyn (according to the BBC), but I've had him in here a while. He's on the BL Board - is an accountant - and is a bit of an arse. Tony and Pat were tenants under BL. Not sure how long ago that was ..

Poor Valda plays the church organ. No-one appreciates her ...