Monday, 22 July 2013

When Lilian got there, the cupboard was bare – Mon 22.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 22nd July 2013
  • Is Lilian coming or going?
  • Jolene makes Lilian guffaw
  • Fat Paul fancies being a beater
  • Nic’s glowing hot
  • Jolene Archer
  • Lilian’s cut Matt off where it hurts
  • What’s in a name?
  • Will has to use the servant’s door
  • William and Catherine’s baby

Is Lilian coming or going?

She was going, but when she heard Jolene’s news, she was coming again.

(I said coming with an ‘o’ …)

Jolene makes Lilian guffaw

Hurrah! It’s been a long time since we heard the famous Lilian cackle.

Music to my ears.

The Ambridge jungle drums hadn’t reached Lilian:

[Lilian] “I didn’t get out much over the weekend.”

So, she hadn’t heard about Jolene and Kenton’s engagement.

When Jolene told her, she was over the moon, and up to the stairs.

At last. Some good news for Lilian.

Fat Paul fancies being a beater

So Will agrees to put him on the list.

(double entendre rich night tonight)

Nic’s glowing hot

Eddie reckons Nic has a lovely ‘glow about her’.

[Eddie] “Suits her, being pregnant.”

Will agrees, but Nic doesn’t. Seems she’s suffering badly from the heat.

[Will] “As soon as it warms up, she starts melting.”

Jolene Archer

Jolene is definitely going from Perks to Archer (in every sense).

[Jolene] “We’re doing it properly.”

When Lilian points out that many woman keep their own names these days:

[Jolene] “Go back to Doreen Rogers, I don’t think so.”

Fair point indeed.

Lilian’s cut Matt off where it hurts

Seems when Lilian went to (finally) pay her debtors, her cheque bounced.

Which is a worry. Her balance was far below where it should be.

After being simpered over by a Bank manager (how did she manage to find a bank with one of those???), she’s told the news that Matt’s been withdrawing from their accounts.

And withdrawing hefty amounts.

(ah. Not enough in his offshore accounts, or didn’t he have any in there to begin with?)

[Lilian] “He’s bleeding the account dry, he thinks I must be a fool!”

As Matt is only a third party account user, Lilian can stop him having any access.

But the bank will need that in writing:

[Lilian] “Hand me a piece of paper!”


Sounds like Matt and Brenda will be washing dishes in Russia for a long time before they can pay their way home …

What’s in a name?

A lot, according to Will. He’s being quite particular.

Eddie suggests Gilbert.

[Will] “Sounds like he’s have to wear a spotty tie all the time.”

(what’s wrong with a spotty tie? Do Who even wears a spotty bow tie, and seems they’re ‘cool’),

Will also doesn’t like Duncan. Or Joe. Or Josephine.

And, seems he talked Nic out of Adele.

(so her plan to suggest ridiculous ones to get Will to agree to the more reasonable Adele has woefully failed)

Eddie’s glad to hear Adele isn’t being considered now.

[Eddie] “We’d never know if we were talking about your baby or my ferret.”


One must consider the ferrets when one names one’s child.

Will has to use the servant’s door

At Grey Gables for a meeting, Will can’t get into the front door for Lynda.

[Lynda] “You’re proposing to go in like that, are you?”

Seems he was. He’s just come from work, so is still in his work gear. Boots and all.

[Will] “I’ll give them a kick down before I go in.”

No he won’t.

Lynda makes him use the side entrance.

[Lynda] “Some of our clients can be very particular about appearances.”

Listen to her!

Caroline’s only been away for a few days. She's pusing around the (working) locals, and also has Oliver convinced they need to re-do their parking.

Would appear this is now Lynda’s domain … be very afraid!

William and Catherine’s baby

Seems to be due any moment now.

Far less interesting than Will and Nic’s, in my humble opinion.

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