Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Matt to do business in St Petersburg? - Tues 09.07.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 9th July 2013
  • Matt goes to an art gallery
  • Brenda’s left with a crying Lilian
  • Vitaly Kedrov
  • Matt meets a pretty lady
  • Vitaly wants Matt’s consultancy skills … in St Petersburg

Matt goes to an art gallery

The Russian chap has got Matt a suite at the hotel.


And has organised a car to take them to an “exclusive” art gallery.


All very odd, if you ask me … (not that anyone does. But I ramble on anyhoo!)

Brenda’s left with a crying Lilian

Not getting any sensible answers from Lilian, Brenda has resorted to calling Matt.

[Brenda] “I don’t know anything. Lilian won’t tell me what’s going on … She’s in a  right state … I know she’s been crying, and I can hardly tell her to snap out of it, but I need some guidance, Matt, I’ve held the fort as best I can for two weeks.”

[Matt] “Then you can carry on for a bit longer.”

When Brenda starts to asks him specific questions about work:

[Matt] “I don’t know , why can’t Lilian know?”

Well, Brenda is sure she’s not paid enough to know. She’s just meant to be an assistant.

[Matt] “Lilian said she can manage by herself, it’s not my problem, okay!”

And he hangs up.

[Matt] “Sorry sweetheart, I’m busy here.”

Vitaly Kedrov

At the art gallery, we’re finally introduced to the Russian chap properly.

He seems to have a minder.

And a dad who tells him when and when he can’t buy art.


Not that Matt knows Vitaly’s dad tells him what to do.

Matt meets a pretty lady

Who he tries to impress with his knowledge of art.

Which didn’t take long, as Matt could only regurgitate what Vitaly had expressed.

(Matt has many talents, but understanding art isn’t one of them)

The lady is question is called Tatiana. Matt seems very taken with her. She seems very taken with his accent.

[Matt] “Then tonight’s your lucky night, I can go on talking like this for hours.”

Luckily enough for Tatiana, Vitaly came back and saved her from hours of Matt chat. Though she did give him her card …

Vitaly wants Matt’s consultancy skills … in St Petersburg

After Vitaly has decided the folks at the art gallery “bore” him (what a petulant child!), he starts telling Matt about a development he’s doing near St Petersburg. Seems it’s a luxury development, based on England – cottages and the like, in traditional English style. Also surrounded by a rather large gate.

[Vitaly] “It’s what the wealthy people of St Petersburg want … the ordinary people will not be able to get in.”

Matt chimes in with the ‘fact’ that he’s built three or four gated communities.

(eh? When did he do that???)

[Vitaly] “An English man’s home is his castle, so we hope will also be Russian’s.”

Sensing Vitaly might be after an investment, Matt pre-explains that he’s allocated all of his funds. But, Vitaly doesn’t want his money. He wants his mind. As a consultant.

Matt’s interested. And wants to see more details.

So, Vitaly invites him to St Petersburg to see for himself.

Which seems to make Matt giddy! He sounded like he’d never been abroad before.

Vitaly tells Matt to organise for his personal assistant to accompany him (!), and they seal the deal with a rather fine cigar.

[Vitaly] “I think we will smoke very more together.”

Well … this isn’t going to end well.

Very dubious, with Matt too furious with Lilian to think straight.

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