Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Rob’s avoiding Helen? – Tues 23.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 23rd July 2013
  • The sausage shrink wrap crises continues
  • Should Tom be told?
  • Will Jolene’s engagement ring be subtle?
  • Rob takes a photograph of Kathy
  • Martin reviews Kathy
  • Helen has ideas for Rob
  • Today, Rob boiled the kettle without boiling it
  • Rob goes cold

The sausage shrink wrap crises continues

Oh dear.

It means Helen’s having to do the deliveries, rather than Tom.

[Helen] “There’s been a sudden shrink wrap crises.”

[Fallon] “Oh no! The sausages must get through!”

Should Tom be told?

Helen and Fallon have a gossip about Brenda, her “gorgeous” new man and her once-in-a-lifetime trip.

[Fallon] “What’s Tom’s take on it all?”

[Helen] “I haven’t told him … he’s definitely on his way after the breakup, but … it was rather quick.”

True. But as Fallon says, “it just happens when it happens”.

Should Tom be told?

Word is bound to get out eventually. Best it comes from someone who actually gives a hoot about him.

Will Jolene’s engagement ring be subtle?

Will it heck!

[Fallon] “You can just imagine what she’s like when there’s a chance of fresh bling!”

Rob takes a photograph of Kathy

Each to their own, I suppose.

Though Kathy’s not happy about it:

[Kathy] “I get depressed looking at myself these days.”

Considering the photograph is for the welcome pack for the dairy staff, and Rob’s vision for it is:

[Rob] “We want to show that Ambridge is a good place to live.”

Maybe taking photographs of a depressed Kathy is perhaps not be the best idea.

Martin reviews Kathy

Kathy’s life is about to get even more depressing.

Seems Martin Gibson is on the Golf Committee. He’s in to the clubhouse to see Kathy:

[Martin] “I’m not here for pleasure Kathy. I’ve come to see you.”


Seems the committee wants to review everything at the Golf Club. He wants to “rummage” round everything to check performance is as it should be.

So, he starts off with a scotch (with ice! Such an evil man), on a tab he hopes to be able to put against expenses.

He wants to see how busy they are.

Kathy reckons they are, but there has been a wee bit of drop off.

Martin wants to know why. He was detail. Depth. “Nuts and bolts”. The ordering system. Attendance at events. Sales.

[Martin] “Steve said it’s been like a graveyard the whole day … I won’t rest until I pin down why we have such a fall in revenues.”

Poor Kathy. Martin’s even using horrible management speak like “360 review”.


Kathy tries to reason that the committee is over-reacting. That the whole leisure industry us suffering because everyone has less money in their pockets.

(well, most of us do. The very rich certainly haven’t seemed to notice)

[Martin] “When the going gets tough, I wake up and asks questions. This club needs to do the same.”

Helen has ideas for Rob

Helen goes round to Rob’s, just as he’s trying to work out what day the recycling gets collected.

She has ideas for his welcome pack.

(hmmm … more like she has ideas on his person)

Today, Rob boiled the kettle without boiling it


He went to boil it.

There was no noise.

Yet he produced hot water.


Rob goes cold

While at Rob’s, Helen tells him how marvellous is the nature reserve at Arkwright Hall.

Seems it’s one of Henry’s favourite places. He likes to go there and pretend there’s monsters lurking …

Seems Rob’s dad used to take him bird watching.

So, Helen offers him to join her and Henry this weekend.

To which he mumbles “um’”…

[Rob] “I might go there at some point.”

Though he gives a direct “no” to Helen’s offer.

[Rob] “Jess is coming up this weekend”

[Helen, gutted] “Oh! Gosh. Wonder what she’ll make of us? … It’ll be nice to meet her.”

(nice recovery Helen!)

Helen leaves without having her cup of tea (with the non-boiled boiling water).

Lucky escape, I reckon.

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