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The Ambridge Swishing – Wed 17.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 17th July 2012
  • Caroline sounds awful
  • The Swishing
  • Kenton thinks of Jolene
  • Zebedee’s relative gives $15,000
  • Silent film night

Caroline sounds awful

When Lynda comes in to tell Caroline that someone has claimed the watch (who? What? Why? … we’ll never know), she finds Caroline in a very bad way indeed with her back.

[Lynda] “You’re obviously in a  lot of pain … go home.”

Caroline won’t hear of it. She has work to do.

So, Lynda calls Oliver to make him make Caroline do it.

Which again, Caroline won’t hear of. She’s also got the meet and greet to do at the swishing.

[Oliver] “That, my dear, is no longer your responsibility. It’s not up for discussion. You’re going home. Now!”

Caroline actually does as Oliver bids, for once.

The Swishing

When Susan arrives, she’s very impressed by the way the church hall has been decked out.

[Susan] “Glittery swags and bows!”

She’s also looking to the champagne, though Jennifer reminds her of her duties:

[Jennifer] “The cloakroom attendant is absolutely pivotal at the start.”

Ah, but Susan has passed that particular burden onto Hilary Noakes. Though just at the start. Exactly when it’ll be busy …

… Susan reckons she hadn’t thought of that.

Oliver then turns up to take Caroline’s place.

[Jolene] “Brave man!”

[Oliver] “Happy to serve, wherever required … except the changing room of course, got to watch the blood pressure these days.”

And he does very well. Even encouraging the ladies when trying on clothes (though  not in the changing rooms, just in the main hall):

[Oliver] “Very nice Mrs Freeman. Goes very nicely with the fascinator.”

(there was no fascinator. Mrs Freeman was just standing in front of a fern)

Poor Lynda turned up very late, due to having to stay on at work to cover Caroline:

[Lynda] “Someone may still appreciate a Thai died kaftan … regretted it as soon as it was lifted from the tub twenty years ago.”
(sounds wonderful!)

Lynda is disappointed that there’s not much left for her to choose from:

[Lynda] “Apparently we’re reduced to Sabrina’s cast offs. Talking about putting all your goods in the shop window.”

[Jolene] “That’s not Sabrina’s blouse …”

(oops. That’ll be Jolene’s blouse then)

[Lynda] “Lovely material though Jolene.”

[Susan] “Yes, the sequins are gorgeous!”

After the Swishing, seems all went relatively well. They raised £500 on the door, and there wasn’t too much bloodshed, though:

[Jennifer] “Annabelle’s burgundy ankle boots provoked a feeding frenzy.”

Jolene would have loved the boots, but they were too small.

[Susan] “It was like watching Cinderella, wasn’t it?”

[Jolene] “Who was Mandy Beesborough kidding?.”

The boots also didn’t fit Gemma Hawkins or Pat Fletcher. But they did fit Alice.

Well, we always knew Alice was a bit of a princess.

Kenton thinks of Jolene

Kenton got Rhys to come in early to let Jolene away early to get to the Swishing.

[Jolene] “Don't know what he’s being so nice for, he’s up to something.”

The plot thickens … what indeed is Kenton up to?

Being nice is so suspicious.

Zebedee’s relative gives $15,000

Seems the Connecticut relative of Zebedee has come up trumps.
He’s going to pay for the upkeep of Zebedee’s grace, and has donated $15,000 to the organ fund.

Well done, that man.

Silent film night

So, after the excitement of the Swishing, the next organ fund event will be a silent film night, with piano accompaniment.

[Oliver] “And Patrick’s playing. Not Valda … well, we don’t want to out everyone off.”

Poor Valda.

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