Thursday, 11 July 2013

Brenda and Matt off to Russia – Thurs 11.07.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 11th July 2013
  • Matt wants Brenda
  • Matt’s intoxicated
  • Matt wants Tatiana, not Lilian
  • Matt doesn’t care for Lilian’s woes
  • Matt gets Brenda!

Matt wants Brenda

As his PA. In St Petersburg.

[Brenda] “I can’t … I’m not your employee anymore.”

[Matt] “What’s she done?”

Brenda tells her about how utterly awful Lilian has been.

[Brenda] “I couldn’t breathe without her flying off the handle, and you wouldn’t give me an answer to anything.”

On and on Brenda moaned about Lilian to Matt. Which is odd, considering she’s just been offered a job in Russia.

As Matt gets his bags packed for him by Vitaly’s ‘people’, he explains to Brenda just how rich is Vitaly. They’re flying out tonight on Vitaly’s private jet.

[Matt] “Minted don’t begin to describe it … He’s expecting me to have a PA.”

Seems Matt reckons he only needs Brenda for a few days, and he reckons she can have at least the same again as a holiday.

[Matt] “You’re not going to find another job in the next week … you can sit around tiddling your thumbs, or you can have an all expenses trip to Russia.”

Brenda’s a very odd lady sometimes.

She says she needs to think about it.

(Eh? Surely it should just be a ‘yes please’!)

Matt’s intoxicated

In every sense of the word.

Vitaly won’t be nailed down on what the consultancy job he’s offering will entail. Though he wants to nail matt down on how much his business turns over each year.

Actually, Matt sounds a tad too merry. Not surprisingly considering he’s matching a Russia vodka for vodka.

[Matt] “In vodka veritas …”

Matt wants Tatiana, not Lilian

Talk between Matt and Vitaly turns to women.

Vitaly reckons they’ll have aplenty once their project comes off.

Matt remembers the lovely lady he met in the gallery:

[Matt] “Tatiana, that was her name … she’d out lead in your pencil.”

Vitaly reckons Lilian’s quite beautiful …

[Matt] “Lilian, nah. Yeah, there used to be more to it. That was a long time ago. She’s not up to much.”

[Vitaly] “No lead in your pencil?”

Cheeky Matt … though, he is hurting.

Matt doesn’t care for Lilian’s woes

Lilian calls Matt to say she needs him back in Ambridge.

[Matt] “You’ll just have to hope Brenda comes back, won’t you!”

[Lilian] “What’s the matter with you, don’t you care?”


Matt couldn’t give a hoot.

Matt gets Brenda!

Brenda calls back Matt:

[Brenda] “I can’t believe I’m saying this , what the hell, it’s not an opportunity that’s going to come along again … Right then. I’ll see you in Russia!”

Matt and Brenda in Russia.


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