Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Kenton’s still odd – Tues 16.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 16th July 2013
  • Darrell’s fitting a door
  • Henry never plays with the ball
  • Rob has a camera
  • More worry about Kenton’s behaviour
  • Tony’s confused
  • Rob’s a casual homophobe

Darrell’s fitting a door

At Grey Gables.

(was a bit of a slow Ambridge day today)   

Shula gives him cloudy lemonade, and he tells her his woes.

Rosa isn’t speaking to hi. Seems she blames him for the split with Elona.

Still, Darrell’s still to keep chirpy.

[Darrell] “Keep plugging away and hope it comes right in the end.”

Henry never plays with the ball

Seems Henry always insists that they take their ball to the park, but then never uses it.

(seriously, it was a very, very slow day)

Rob has a camera

Which he’s using to take photos for a welcome pack for his staff.

(yup, nit a lot happened)

More worry about Kenton’s behaviour

Kenton’s on the scrounge from Tony for the Highland Games.

[Kenton] “You scratch my back, I’ll borrow your fence posts.”

Later on to Helen:

[Tony] “Would you have described Kenton as sensitive?”

[Helen] “It’s about the last word I’d use.”

[Tony] “He was very considerate while he was over here … he must have thought I felt a bit down about it.”

(ah, seems Kenton had been sensitive about the cows leaving).

[Tony] “Never known him to be so quiet and thoughtful .. .there’s definitely something eating away at him.”

Tony’s confused

Now that the cows have gone, Tony’s not working the hours he used to.

[Tony] “I still have mixed feelings about  it .. .some days it marvellous to have a proper lunch, or work on my car. Other days I walk into the yard and it’s too quiet Tony.”

Rob’s a casual homophobe

Rob’s at Ian and Adam’s.

He’s surprised Ian’s playing the White Stripes. He thought Ian would be listening to show tunes.

[Helen] “That’s an awful stereotype Rob!”

[Rob] “I’m not saying it’s a legal requirement. I’m sorry if I caused offence, it was only an observation.”

Helen laughs it off. Especially as it seems Ian does always sing ‘Love Changes Everything’ at karaoke.


Rob’s comment still says a lot about it.

I’m starting to like him less and less …

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