Monday, 15 July 2013

Kenton’s behaving oddly – Mon 15.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 15th July 2013
  • Lilian’s still doing the work of three people
  • Tig’s doing well
  • David and Ruth have the taste for champagne
  • Number 43 needs to slim down
  • Kenton’s got itchy feet?
  • Brenda tells Lilian to go away

Lilian’s still doing the work of three people

And still leaving voice messages for Brenda to call her back.

[Lilian’s voice message] “Look,  you've made your point, Bren … sorry, if you’re waiting for an apology we both said things we shouldn’t have said the other week … we should let bygones be bygones.”

Lilian’s starting to sound terrified.

One reaps what one sows, Lilian.

Tig’s doing well

[David] “Even remembers to come back to me sometimes.”

Well done, Tig.

David and Ruth have the taste for champagne

Now that they’ve sampled it on their holiday.

That’s a shame.

Little chance of a champagne lifestyle at Brookfield. For example Ruth has to wash the toilet at Rickyard, ahead of the Watsons (whoever they are) coming to rent it next week.

Number 43 needs to slim down

Which I don’t understand. He’s a lamb. Surely David and Ruth want him nice and plump?

Seems not.

[David] “Straw and water for you mate.”

Kenton’s got itchy feet?

Kenton’s being very helpful, at the moment.

He’s out sourcing fence posts and straw for the Highland games.

Nothing unusual about that. He does like to get his events right, does out Kenton.

But, he then stuns Ruth and David by offering to help them weigh their lambs.

Very unusual.

Kenton then starts to wistfully reminisce about life at Brookfield:

[Kenton] “Golden memories of cows in and out and mucking out the pigs.”

[David] “Kenton, you hated that!”

Seems Kenton is hankering after the routine of farm line. It made him feel rooted.

[Kenton] “This was always safe to come home to, and that meant a lot to me. That was down to mum and dad … they were unbreakable. And that made everything else possible.”

[David] “Are you worrying about mum?”

[Kenton] “No.”

[David] “She seems alright to me.”

Nothing’s up with Jill. Kenton’s just been thinking about his folks, and how he didn’t always appreciate the,.

[David, getting worried] “You’re not feeling restless again now, are you?”

Later, to Ruth:

[David] “I’ve seen it before. I do hope he’s not going to chuck everything in Ambridge, just to chase some made dream somewhere else.”

Brenda tells Lilian to go away

Brenda finally answers her phone to Lilian.

She tells her she’s not in Ambridge:

[Brenda] “Copenhagen. Demark.”

[Lilian] “I know where it is!”

Brenda then tells Lilian she’s on holiday, and will be so for at least a month. When she does come back, she’s most definitely not returning to Amside.

Though Brenda doesn’t tell her she’s off to join Matt, she does mention that Matt’s in Russia (by mistake).

[Brenda] “And please, just stop calling me. I’m nothing to do with Amside anymore!”

Lilian needs a plan C.

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