Sunday, 7 July 2013

Freddie plays at Young Farmer – Sun 07.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 7th July 2013
  • Josh makes Freddie polish a cow
  • Emma goes to church
  • Meg’s dead
  • Lilian recaps Ambridge Extra for Jolene

Josh makes Freddie polish a cow

[Josh] “You’ve got to carry on until you can see her face in her flank.”

Josh is pushing Freddie, but Freddie’s more than willing.

He wants to win at the Borsetshire Show.

But, alas, it wasn’t to be.

While waiting to enter the arena, the cow in front started getting upset. Which set Sorrell off.

Freddie couldn’t manage her, so Josh went over to help. As mates do.

[David] “It’s blown our chance of a rosette though.”

But Freddie wasn’t disappointed. He was still just as excited.

[Freddie] “I didn’t expect to get a place anyway. We did it for a laugh.”

Seems the judge said good things about the rest of Freddie and Sorrell’s piece. And Freddie enjoyed learning, and getting Sorrell ready.

So, he’ll be back next year to try again.

[Elizabeth] “Oh great, more grey hairs.”

Got to hand it to Freddie.

He’s certainly growing into a positive young chap.

Just like Nigel.

Emma goes to church

George has managed to force her.

[George] “Did you like it mum?”

[Emma, very unenthusiastic] “Yeah, loads …”

And she promises to go again, if George wants her to.

(course he will!)

Though Emma has a lot to do if she wants to come anywhere close to Saint Nic. Seems Christine now wants her on the flower rota, official and everything.

[Nic] “Clarrie did warn me that once the flower lot get their hooks into you, they won’t let you go.”

AND Nic’s helping out with Junior Church.

[Emma, spitting nails] “I don’t know how St Stephen’s has managed without you …”

Meg’s dead

But she’d reached a good age.

And was a  very good dog. Of Will’s.

[George] “She’s gone to heaven, and I said a prayer for her over the body.”

They’re going to bury her in the woods, where George can say yet another prayer for her.

Lilian recaps Ambridge Extra for Jolene

[Lilian] “He’s not even here …”

[Jolene] “Oh, you ain't split up?”

[Lilian] “I don’t know.”

Lilian starts crying.

[Lilian] “Trying to seem interested and make conversation, god Jolene, it was awful … I just couldn’t get Paul out of my mind.”

Lilian tells Jolene about that woman in the church.

[Lilian] “It all came out, about Paul. To a complete stranger …”

And she tells Jolene that Matt knew about her and Paul:

[Jolene] “So all that business with the funeral …”

[Lilian] “He was playing with me, waiting for me to crack.”

Evil Matt!

Though Lilian reckons she was just as bad to Matt.

[Jolene] “You and Matt can put this right, if you want to.”

[Lilian] “But he’s got to want it as well. I’m not sure he does. He’s hurting so badly … how can we ever put it right if he’s not here?”

How indeed.

We’ll have to find out more over on the other secret microphones.

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