Monday, 8 July 2013

Susan buys new clothes to give them away – Mon 08.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 8th July 2013
  • Keira nicked Emma’s lip gloss
  • It’s the dead dog’s fault
  • Lilian lies for Matt
  • Topical tennis ahoy!
  • Sabrina’s a supreme Swisher
  • It’s Lilian’s birthday
  • Susan’s only got 80s clobber with which to swish

Keira nicked Emma’s lip gloss

My word, she’s staring young.

It’s the dead dog’s fault

George is a focused young chap

[Susan] “He takes everything so seriously, when he’s interested.”

Praying, watering his garden … all the important things in life. For some.

Emma’s still in a grump about the praying. She now blames Will for his dog dying. George is now:

[Emma] “Worrying because the dog hadn’t got her cushion from the kennel up there, and will they have dog chews in heaven.”

George is also obsessing that the replacement puppy (that was quick … hardly time to mourn!) should be called Boaz.

[Emma] “I think he just thinks it’s a cool name.”

(Boaz is in the bible)

[Emma] “Then there’s Saint Nic. Helping with the junior church, helping with the flowers. I don’t know about Saint, I could smack her!”


Emma’s on the warpath.

Lilian lies for Matt

Lilian returning from their holiday alone is a bit odd.

So, she lies.

She’s telling everyone he’s stayed on business.

[Brenda] “He hasn’t had an accident, or got taken ill, has he?”

[Lilian] “It’s nothing to concern you at the moment!”

Brenda doesn’t notice that she’s being shouted at (again), so presses on with the questions. She wants to know how long Matt’s going to be away on business.

[Lilian] “Frankly, that’s none of your business either!”

Brenda then infers that Lilian won’t be able to cope with covering Matt’s work.

Topical tennis ahoy!

[Oliver] “Celebrating the tennis? That’s an awful lot of double cream.”

[Jennifer] “Wasn’t it marvellous!  … and he did it!”

[Oliver] “First British man to win Wimbledon wearing shorts.”

[Jennifer] “History in the making.”

And they also made mention of the Lions winning.

(AND they got it right that Andy Murray was the first British Man since … lest we forget Virginia Wade)

Sabrina’s a supreme Swisher

Well, Jennifer certainly seems to rate her. She reckons she’s brimming full of ideas.

It’s Lilian’s birthday

Lilian’s back not too minutes from her holiday (minus Matt), and she’s already off to have her hair, nails and face done.

Brenda’s fuming.

[Lilian] “Call it a birthday treat for myself.”

Brenda’s mortified … she either didn’t nor, or just clear forgot, it was Lilian’s birthday.

Happy birthday Lil!

(not that it’s a very happy one)

Susan’s only got 80s clobber with which to swish

[Emma] “I think you’ve got to be young to get away with the 80s look”.

So those who remember it the first time round are, according to Emma, now too old to wear it.


I remember the 80s very well indeed, and think my denim dungarees still look very fetching …

[Susan] “My worry is none of it’s good enough, the reason I don’t wear them anymore is because it’s right out of fashion or completely worn out … even if it was better condition, I can’t take stuff from, well, you know, the sort of place I shop …”

[Emma] “Cheap.”

[Susan] “Exactly.”

So, Emma suggests Susan goes buy some new clothes from the charity shops. To then give to the Swishing.

[Susan] “Buy something special, you mean  … You’re a genius! It would be worth shelling out a few quid so that I can hold my head up on the night!”

Dear god.

That’s taking ‘keeping up with the Jones’ far too far.

Anyhoo … Emma’s obsessed with getting one of Sabrina’s velour tracksuits. Or a handbag. Vest top. Anything. As long as it was Sabrina’s.

(aha! Emma has no fashion sense. Phew!)

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