Friday, 12 July 2013

Brenda’s off to Russia – Fri 12.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 12th July 2013
  • Where’s Brenda?
  • Pat misses her cows
  • Rob says it with flowers
  • Nic has a cunning plan
  • Sabrina, bathing in milk
  • Mike’s aghast

Where’s Brenda?

Seems Brenda has disappeared. She’s gone off somewhere, and not answering messages from Mike and Roy. Mike’s panicking.

[Mike] “First she ditches Tom, then she jacks in her job about a word of warning, who knows that’s going through her head at the moment.”

Vicky says to calm down. She’ll turn up.

[Mike] “I wish you’d stop being so flipping reasonable … it’d be a different sort of Bethany disappeared.”

[Vicky] “Oh Mike, how could you?  That’d be completely different.”

True, in some ways. But, Brenda’s not exactly behaving rationally at the moment.

Pat misses her cows

It still shocks her every time she doesn’t see them there.

[Pat] “I can still see them in my mind’s eye.”

Rob says it with flowers

Rob turns up at Bridge Farm again.

[Tony] “He didn’t leave anything behind, did he?”

[Pat] “Only a nasty taste.”


He didn’t leave anything. He there’s to give Pat a bunch of flowers.

Rob then asks to be shown the wetland system, aiming all the right appreciate noises, and naming different species. That certainly wins over Tony.

[Tony] “We’ve counted 22 different birds over the months.”

So he starts to list each one …

[Pat] “I hope he’s not boring you Rob.”

[Rob] “Not at all.”

I wonder.

Is Rob also after Helen? Or is he just trying to win Pat and Tony over to be able to fit in Ambridge life?

Either which way, the flowers didn’t work. Pat still doesn’t like him.

[Tony] “Be careful Pat, cause Helen does … she hasn’t got many friends, and she doesn’t make them easily.”

[Pat] “Precisely. Which is why it’s Helen who ought to be careful, and why I’m looking out for her.”

Quite right too, Pat.

There’s something a bit sinister about that Rob.

Nic has a cunning plan
Mike and Vicky are talking about Will and Nic choosing their baby’s name.

Seems Nic  wants something unusual, and is saying she’s quite keen on Chloe.

[Mike] “I can’t see Will going for that.”

Seems Will wants something more traditional. He hates Chloe, but that’s part of Nic’s cunning plan:

[Vicky] “She’s doing this, so that by the time she gets round to Adele, which she really likes, he’ll be so worn down he might even go for it.”

[Mike] “Us blokes ain't got a chance, have we?”

[Vicky] “Not really, no.”


Sabrina, bathing in milk

They’ve asked Mike for a gift for the Swishing.

He can’t see Sabrina wanting his full milk.

Though he reckons she could bathe in it.

An image most of the Ambridge men would cherish forever …

Mike’s aghast

[Mike] “Russia! and with Matt Crawford!!! ,,, You’re going off, with Matt, and some other bloke you don’t even know, and he’s a Russian?”

[Brenda] “I’m not going on with Matt … he offered me the chance.”

Poor Mike. He really can’t get beyond the Russia and Matt thing to see that this is a very groovy opportunity for Brenda.

Vicky’s a tad calmer, but is horrified that Brenda’s asked them to keep it a secret. She wants them to say that she’s just off travelling around Europe with a friend.

[Mike] “Fiend? Who? What’s she called?”

Vicky reassures Mike that they’ll rehearse together before they have to start talking to anyone else.


(Is Brenda keeping it a secret because of Lilian or Tom?)

So, Brenda’s off on Monday, promising to bring back fur trappers’ hats and vodka.

[Mike] “I don’t like the sound of this.”

[Vicky] “How else is she going to get the chance of a trip like this?”

[Mike] “Oh maybe, But Matt Crawford, and Russia. I mean one or the other’s bad enough, but together … I just hope she don’t get mixed up in anything dodgy.”

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