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Kenton and Jolene get engaged: Fri 19.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 19th July 2013
  • Jolene says yes before Kenton even asks
  • The night of the ceilidh
  • Why care about a Chieftain???
  • Tom’s fallen for Rob
  • Lilian about to go bankrupt?

Jolene says yes before Kenton even asks

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see this coming … there have been enough hints that Kenton has been acting odd recently, in a way that suggested he was about to pop the question to Jolene.

And today was the day.

Kenton has already got everything arranged for tonight’s ceilidh.

[Jolene] “You’ve had a big swig of get up and go juice!”

Seems Kenton wanted to make sure they had:

[Kenton] “Time for well, a …”

[Jolene] “That’d be nice darling, but I don’t think we can risk it. Not as if I can get me hair straight before Freda comes in.”

(ha! It’s Jolene with the one track mind … which is actually very Jolene> Remember that shower … *shudder*)

Kenton’s about to ask Jolene something, but is taking his time and seems to be a tad nervous.

Then Lilian interrupts, needing a “drink and a sympathetic ear”.

Later on, Kenton tries again:

[Kenton] “I’ve spent all day worrying, trying to screw up my nerve … what it is, what I want to ask you, well …”

But, Tony interrupts. He wants a pint.

(which is fair enough, considering they run a pub)

Kenton then has to work upstairs to cover the Ceilidh, Jolene downstairs to cover the pub proper.

But she’s now also distracted.

Just as she’s heading up on the pretence of giving him more stock, he’s about to head down to get more stock:

[Jolene] “Kenton, I brought you some crisps.”

[Kenton] “Darling …]”

[Jolene] “I had a feeling there was something you wanted to say to me.”

[Kenton] “There is …”

[Jolene] “What?”

[Kenton] “Everything. I want to tell you everything, how much you mean to me, how I want to be with you for the rest of my life … I’ve been so afraid about putting everything at risk, to ask …”

[Jolene] “Yes … yes. I will marry you!”


Their kiss was punctuated by the sounds of bags of crisp bursting as they embraced.

How beyond romantic.

[Jazzer, sound a wee bit emotional] “I;m tearing up here. I love a happy ending. And I want to be the first to toast your engagement. You’re good together you two. So, when you've finished snogging, any chance of some service?”

There we have it, ladies and gentlemen.

Jolene Perks soon to become an Archer.

Which is lovely. Jazzer was right that Kenton and Jolene are very good together.

The night of the ceilidh

Jazzer’s certainly looking forward to it. Though he’s annoyed he’s having to work late:

[Jazzer] “Still strawing down when I should be buffing up for the ceilidh.”

When Jazzer finally manages to finish work, he’s horrified to get to the Ceilidh to find Jamie drinking juice. It’s Jamie’s 18th tomorrow, so he doesn’t want to peak too early.

When the ceilidh gets going, it actually sounds like only Jazzer and Jamie are there. They even end up dancing together when Jamie gets his moves wrong:

[Jazzer] “Jamie, ya bam. You’re meant to be with Rosa … let go!”

(ah, so at least Rosa was there as well).

And that was that, really.

Quite sedate for a Ceilidh, I reckon.

Why care about a Chieftain???

Seems everyone in Ambridge certainly does.

They’re all intrigued about which Chieftain Jazzer has got to agree to open the fete/Highland games.

Jazzer won’t say. He reckons he doesn’t want to disappoint, if the Chieftain can’t make it:

[Jazzer] “They’re busy guys. Clans don’t just run themselves.”


For starters, I don’t really understand why everyone is so excited about the Chieftain. Chieftains are not really of celebrity status (well, unless the Chieftain also happens to be a celebrity). And, I’d imagine most Ambridge residents didn’t even know what a Chieftain was before Jazzer made mention.

(maybe that’s why they’re so excited. They still haven’t got a clue)

And I don’t think Chieftains have had much to do for centuries. Maybe an annual Gathering, and the occasional ceremonial duty, but I don’t know of any clans who need managing on a day to day business.

Is Jazzer just taking the Michael?

Tom’s fallen for Rob

Tony is increasingly worried about Rob’s growing influence on Tom.

[Tony] “Has he said anything about brand stretching to you?”

[Jazzer] “Brand stretching? Like Sabrina does to the logos on the wee tops she wears?”


Tony explains ‘brand stretching’ is when other spin off products are created out of an established brand.

[Jazzer] “I don’t listen to mair than one word in ten when he’s blabbering on.”

Though Jazzer did notice Tom going on and on about how “smart” Rob was. He reckons Tom thinks Rob is quite simply the bees’ knees.

Looks like Helen has competition for Rob’s attentions.

(not to mention Rob’s wife …)

Lilian about to go bankrupt?

Lilian’s telling Jolene all of her woes.

Seems she can’t work out what’s motivating Matt’s rather bizarre behaviour:

[Jolene] “He’s still hurt about you and Paul.”

[Lilian] “He didn’t sound it.”

And then there’s Anthea – the temp.

[Lilian] “A severe bob and a large charm deficit … She has no initiative at all. Everything’s got to be spelt out in large, bold letters.”

And though Anthea is very diligent when she does get going, she’s also exact about her breaks.

[Lilian] “Some complication about her small intestine I chose not to explore …”

On top of Matt and Anthea (and a lack of Brenda), they’ve found asbestos at Gilbert’s Cross. Which means all work has ground to a halt. Which means Lilian’s spending money without anything happening.

[Lilian] “Perfect end to the week from hell.”

With Matt away, spending his reserve money – Lilian far from efficiently dealing with their business – and now costly delays and additional expense at the old mill project … anyone else suspect Lilian might be heading for a very rare ( and serious) cashflow problem?

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