Thursday, 18 July 2013

Brenda goes off with a Russian bloke – 18.07.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 18th July 2013
  • Matt’s lost his mind
  • Brenda can’t go shopping
  • When Brenda met Dmitry
  • Lilian won’t say sorry to Brenda

Matt’s lost his mind

He’s got the cash out for the deal. Actual cash. In a briefcase, handcuffed to his wrist. As an additional precaution, he’s asked Brenda to witness him depositing the money for the investment.

(precaution? The safest thing would be not to give stacks of money to a bloke you’ve just met!)

Brenda can’t go shopping

Matt reckons this is the “crucial moment” of the deal. She has to sit in the hotel, and wait for him to come back.

Actually, he hasn’t paid her back her air fare yet. So she probably hasn’t got enough to go shopping anyhoo!

When Brenda met Dmitry

As Matt leaves to do the deal, some Russian bloke helps him get a taxi.

The same bloke than asks Brenda if he can sit with her at her table in the lobby. The some bloke is called Dmitry.

[Brenda] “You’ve got great English.”

[Dmitry] “So have you.”

Seems Dmitry us a junior architect, who was sent to England to get his A Levels.

He seems like an affable chap.

[Dmitry] “We Russian have so much to thank Britain for. Shakespeare, Dickens, One Direction …”

He takes Brenda off sightseeing and shopping (including lusting over a diamond). And to flirt. Brenda seems to enjoy all three.

Brenda’s not back in time  to meet Matt at the hotel. And she actually decides not to go back, when she gets an angry voice message from Matt. She instead goes for lunch with Dmitry to a place which has a room  called the Kissing Room.

There, Dmitry tells her that the flecks of gold in the vodka they’re having is like the flecks of amber in her eyes …

… he’s really laying it on.

Seems Dmitry had seen Brenda in the offices when she went to the meeting with Matt and Vitaly.  So, him seeing her in the hotel was no coincidence.


Lilian won’t say sorry to Brenda

Lilian calls Matt (this time he answers!).

She’s in a flap.

[Lilian] “I’m having a horrible time here. Long hours, weekends …”

Lilian reckons she can’t cope, even though she’s managed to get in a temp,

[Matt] “Can’t you just call Brenda, sweet talk her, apologise.”

[Lilian] “Apologise!”

[Matt] “You’ve got to treat people with respect, if you want them to stick around, haven’t ya?!?”

(hint hint, Lilian)

Lilian’s really not getting the point these days.

Instead of also keeping apologising to Matt for Paul, she berates him for doing his deal with his money:

[Lilian] “Some of that money ,, we always said we’d also decide how to sue that together.”

[Matt] “Thing is, when it came to it, I couldn’t resist. You know how that feels, don’t ya?”


[Lilian] “What about Amside, our business here, at home, in Ambridge?”

But Matt hangs up. He’s got to the bank.

Time to lose all his money (odds on!)

Matt has slight buyers’ remorse.

[Vitaly] “Cheer up Matt. On your return to that beautiful little of yours, you’ll be a very rich man.”

Hmmm …

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