Friday, 5 July 2013

Elizabeth shampoos a cow – Fri 05.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 5th July 2013
  • Elizabeth shampoos a cow
  • Lily’s had a brace fitted
  • Ruth doesn’t have a thing with which to swish
  • Lonely cow’s all clear!
  • Helen wants Rob for dinner
  • Gloucester cheese?
  • Pat wants to gamble their pension
  • Lilian’s worried about her tan

Elizabeth shampoos a cow

Freddie’s taking his heifer to the show.

Ruth’s wondering who’s going to stay with her (the cow) overnight. She’s not sure it’s Elizabeth’s style:

[Ruth] “I don’t see her dossing down in the stockman’s quarters.”

Seems Sorrel is the only Gloucester, but has competition from a Jersey. So, Elizabeth insists they give her an extra shampoo the night before, as well as the day of.

[David] “You always were a perfectionist, even when we were kids … little miss perfect here insisted on shampooing her all over again.”

Elizabeth’s over the moon that Freddie is interested in the rare breeds, as well as the horses.

[Elizabeth] “And if he decides he wants to be a farmer, I’d be delighted.”

(aye, a gentleman farmer, I’d wager she meant)

Lily’s had a brace fitted


Better now than when an adult …

Ruth doesn’t have a thing with which to swish

Elizabeth reckons Jennifer is full of swishing. Not that Ruth’s getting into the mood. She reckons she doesn’t have clothes good enough to swish.

[David] “You’ve got some smashing stuff.”

[Ruth] “So why would I want to get rid of it?”

(very, very good point!)

Lonely cow’s all clear!

The reactor test came back fine and dandy. So Lonely cow is fine, and will be off to market next week.

Which means there will be not even a lonely cow at Bridge Farm. No cows at all.

[Tony] “And you know what, I’m getting used to it already.”

(Tony certainly sounds far chirpier these days. But be the extra hours in bed)

Helen wants Rob for dinner

(in every meaning of the word)

[Helen] “Mum, is it okay if I ask Rob round to dinner one night?”

Helen’s smitten.

She reckons Rob is great company and is superb with Henry.

Pat’s not convinced. But, she (slowly) realises that Helen may have alternative motives …

[Pat] “Oh …  I see …”

Pat really hasn’t taken to Rob. Obviously because of his job at the Super Dairy, but she also thinks he was gloating as the Bridge Farm cows were sold.

But, she’s a mum first. So she agrees to Rob for dinner.

He’ll a brave man if he accepts the invitation.

Gloucester cheese?

Is Elizabeth’s next idea for Lower Loxley. She’s also make it unpasteurised, which will make it a very rare cheese indeed.

[David] “What a fabulous idea … it would be amazing to have a Lower Loxley Gloucester cheese. Somehow it feels right.”

Pat wants to gamble their pension

Tony and Pat had to do one of those ‘attitude to risk’ forms when sorting out where their pension should go.

Unsurprisingly, Tony is cautious. Pat us adventurous.

[Tony] “Seems I’ll have my work cut out keeping her away from casinos!”

Though Pat is still ethical (“green technologies” and the like), she would rather their cash did something other than boring.

Poor Tony.

He’ll never get to just be steady.

Lilian’s worried about her tan

Helen saw Lilian, back from Montenegro, today.

[Helen] “Considering she’s just had a holiday, you’d think she’d be a bit more relaxed.”

[Tony] “Probably upset her tan has begun to fade.”


But I suppose that would be true to form, for Lilian. Of course, Tony hasn’t been eavesdropping in on Ambridge Extra …

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