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Meriel demands to be a bridesmaid – Thurs 25.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 25th July 2013
  • One of the Brookfield cows is limping
  • No prizes for Lower Loxley wine
  • Meriel obsesses about crisps
  • Ruth don’t like cricket
  • STILL fascinated by the Clan Chief
  • Harvest is on its way
  • Not even married, but Jolene’s already cheating
  • Lilian’s struggling without Matt
  • Anthea rules the roost

One of the Brookfield cows is limping

But doesn’t want it looked at.

[David] “Well let’s get the belly strap up.”

The cow didn’t like the sound of that. She made a ‘moo’ that was very un-cow-like …

[Ruth] “Oh yeah, plenty of dead hoof to cut back.”

She may not like it, but the cow will feel better after that.

No prizes for Lower Loxley wine

At the English Wine Awards.

But the judges were complimentary, and she got more orders.

Not all bad, then.

Meriel obsesses about crisps

Kenton’s on the phone to Meriel.

She’s obsessing about the terrible day she had. One of her teachers had:

[Meriel] “A hissy for no reason … Mrs Palmer went as mad as a meat axe!”

[Kenton] “Did anyone die during this incident, or did you lose an arm or a leg … can I interrupt with a tiny piece of news before we get back to the water cycle outrage?”

He tells her he and Jolene are getting married.

Meriel goes quiet.

[Meriel] “O M G. that’s awesome!”

(ugh … I despise anyone who actually speaks text. I know she’s a teenager, but that needs to be nipped in the bud quick smart)

Meriel then needs to know every little detail about the proposal.

Including what flavour of crisps they snogged over.

[Kenton] “Smoky bacon.”

[Meriel] “You’re certain …”

[Kenton] “I had to pick bits off my shirt. Why is it so important?”

[Meriel] “I want to get my fact straight when I tell people how my mad dad proposed.”

[Kenton] “Don’t major on the crisps eh, it was very romantic otherwise.”

Meriel has no doubt that she’ll make the wedding. (maybe she wants to check with her mum first)

[Meriel] “This is epic … Hey, can I be a bridesmaid?”

[Kenton, slightly spluttering] “Of course, that was going to be my very next question …”

Meriel tells Kenton to tell Jolene that her favourite colour is purple.

[Meriel] “It would be perfect for my bridesmaid dress.”

After the fact, and after saying yes, Kenton asks Jolene.

Jolene is not amused. But, Kenton explains how excited Meriel was at the thought of being one. Seems it’s something she’s been dreaming of.

[Kenton] “Judging by her excitement, possibly from the moment of conception … She was so excited, Attila the Hun couldn’t have said no.”

[Jolene, resigned] “I had been planning on having any, but if that what’s she wants, lets’ go for it … But don’t push it on purple!”

Ruth don’t like cricket

David had been having a long chat with Alistair about the cricket. Seems the team isn’t doing all that well.

He starts telling Ruth a blow-by-blow account of what went wrong at their last match.

[Ruth] “David, you’re overestimating me interest in cricket.”

(I’m with Ruth)

STILL fascinated by the Clan Chief

David seemingly just can’t over the fact that Jazzer knew a proper Clan Chief.

I. Just. Don’t. Get. Why. It’s. So. Exciting …

Harvest is on its way

David said so

Not even married, but Jolene’s already cheating

Lilian is very impressed by Jolene’s ring.

But, Jolene let’s her in on a secret.

She’s already looked at the jeweller’s website … so knew exactly what ring she wanted before she and Kenton even got there.

Kenton hasn’t got a clue.

[Lilian] “Why spoil the illusion?”

[Jolene] “Best engagement ring I’ve ever had!”

[Lilian] “Well let’s hope that’s an omen.”


I’d be more worried that Jolene is keeping secrets already …

Lilian’s struggling without Matt

The asbestos is still rumbling on. The other partners involved in the mill project are not happy. Lilian reckons they would be happier if Matt was in charge.

[Lilian] “The truth is, everything’s much harder without Matt. It’s driving me crazy.”

Of course, she’s told Jolene everything.

[Lilian] “We had a row, short but horrible.”

Seems Matt keeps calling, but Lilian won’t answer. But that means she doesn’t know how he’s coping without any of her money.

[Jolene] “Was it such a  good idea then?”

Probably not, but Lilian admits she was fuming.

[Lilian] “He started being all high and mighty, and that’s not the way to win me round.”

But, Matt in St Petersburg without any money is keeping Lilian awake at night.

So, she calls Matt. Though she says sorry, she does still want to know what’s happening.    

[Lilian] “I’ve had all sorts of horrible worries.”

So, she needs to know where she is so that she can send him a new card.

Anthea rules the roost

[Lilian] “I’ve got to open the office on time, or Anthea will give me one of her looks. Terrifying … I daren’t risk the evil eye!”


Bout time someone got that office into proper order.

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