Sunday, 28 July 2013

Helen and Rob get it on - Sun 28.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 28th July 2013
  • Pip’s back
  • Jolene’s become left handed
  • Fallon’s best woman
  • Ruth dreams of a bar mounted scraper
  • Helen and Rob become more than just good friends

Pip’s back

She missed both home and Spencer, but it’s to Brookfield she first heads.

[Pip] “You don’t mind, do you,. You are pleased to see me!?”

Course they are.

(they need the extra pair of hands!)

[Pip] “It was just funny not working with your family … just, different.”

Well, best get used to it. I don’t see Brookfield managing to support everyone in full time employment anytime soon.

Jolene’s become left handed

Fallon’s taking the Michael out of her:

[Fallon] “If I had a flashing grand diamond the big as the Ritz, or as big as The Bull anyway, I’d be losing my left hand to do everything!”

Fallon’s best woman

Considering Jolene’s having to have Meriel as her bridesmaid (which she’s not that badly annoyed about – it’s the purple theme that’s upsetting her), she asks Fallon to be her Chief Bridesmaid.

But, Fallon suggests best woman.

[Fallon] “It’s what we make it … we can make it up as we go along … I can definitely make a speech … you’re surely not going to let Kenton do all the talking, are you?”

Jolene’s delighted!

It lessens the impact of Meriel’s pictures of what she wants to wear (which she’s already emailed over). Fallon even suggests she could wear a tux, and walk Jolene down the aisle.

[Jolene] “We don’t know where we’re getting married yet, but it won’t be Westminster Abbey .”

Fallon thinks they should also ask Lily to be also be a bridesmaid, and Freddie a pageboy.

Though Jolene is getting worried about just how big and expensive this wedding is going to be …

Ruth dreams of a bar mounted scraper

Pip was working in a rather “massive” milking parlour on while working as a relief dairy milker.

[Pip] “Oh mum, you’d have been in heaven. So much room!”

They had 400 cows to milk.

[Pip] “Bar mounted scraper and everything.”

[Ruth] “Just what I’ve always wanted.”

[David] “Dream on, love.”

(poor Ruth. She really doesn’t ask for much!)

Pip had to work to help milk 50 cows at a time. So they had a 50 point rotary.

[David] “Where do people get the money?”

[Pip] “This could be us, in the future.”

[David] “Where did I put that lottery ticket?”

[Pip] “Large scale and low input, it can be done.”

[Ruth] “It’s Brian you need to be telling!”

Pip’s seen the future, and though David may not entirely see her vision for Brookfield, he’s at least very proud of her.

[David] “I think it’s really boosted her confidence. Let’s hope the agency can find her lots more work.”

Helen and Rob become more than just good friends

Rob’s back from Hampshire.

He immediately calls Helen.

[Rob] “Helen, Can you come over? I need to see you. Please.”

And boom … Helen was at Rob’s before any of us could draw breath!

Seems Rob had a huge row with Jess when he asked her when she was going to move to Ambridge.

[Rob] “She says I’m so desperate to have kids, I want to turn her into the little woman stuck at home … she seems to think I want to chain her to the stove or something … there’s no talking to her.”

Jess isn’t using her dad as an excuse anymore (though she still reckons her parents need her). She’s now told Rob that the job she’s been doing is one she’s interested in, and wants to keep doing. She reckons Rob just wants to ruin it for her.

[Rob] “So she can accuse me of ignoring her needs. It’s not like I have needs too.”

Rob reckons he now realises that they may not want the same thing anymore.

[Rob] “I moved continents for her, and she won’t move 100 miles across the country for me. Maybe we should just call it a day … I’ve given her so much … I’m not sure what else I can do … where does it leave me now?”

[Helen] “You poor thing.”

They hug.

[Rob] “Oh Helen …”

The kiss.

Well, we didn’t see that coming, did we?

Stupid, stupid, stupid Helen. Fancy falling for ‘my wife doesn’t understand me’ routine.

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