Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mike’s still not happy about Russia – Sun 14.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 14th July 2013
  • Phoebe blames herself
  • Vicky insists she takes teddy
  • The mystery of the lost watch
  • Brenda leaves Ambridge

Phoebe blames herself

Phoebe’s worried that Brenda is going to Russia because of her hints at wanting her room back.

[Phoebe] “I wish I’d shut up now.”

But, on the right side, she does get her room back …

Vicky insists she takes teddy

Vicky’s gone into organising overload. She’s given Brenda travel sickness pills, a blow up pillow for her head, hand wipes AND a “travel mascot”.

The travel mascot is a teddy. Though Teddy has no name:

[Vicky] “It’s bad luck naming someone else’s teddy.”

Bethany loves the teddy, but Brenda doesn’t sound so sure.

Then Vicky lets slips that she has already named the teddy Ivor.

[Vicky] “I wanted you to have something special to remind you of home.”

Well, Brenda can’t but take Ivor with her now. Though it’s hardly light packing …

The mystery of the lost watch
Caroline can’t even enjoy the roses

She’s trying to have a quick break in the rose garden, but Lynda appears:

[Lynda] “Are you free to come back in?”

The panic is simply that Lynda has found a ladies’ watch in lost property.

[Lynda] “The extraordinary thing is the room has only been occupied by single men since May … I suspected one of them had undisclosed company one evening. Someone not keen to let it be known she was ever there, even at the cost of an expensive watch.”

The plot thickens …

… not that Caroline is really concerned.

Her back is far too sore.

Brenda leaves Ambridge

Mike’s driving Brenda to the train station.

[Mike] “I know you’ve always fancied travelling Bren. But I never expected Russia.”

He insists she takes some money from him, just in case she runs into problems.

[Brenda] “Though I can’t see it happening.”

Mike really, really isn’t happy to her going.

[Mike] “You don’t know the alphabet … and not knowing with what everyone’s saying … Don’t get mixed up with any funny political groups.”

[Brenda] “Dad, I have got some common sense … you needn’t worry, for the first time in ages, I know I’m doing the right thing. I can’t wait to get to St Petersburg.”

When Mike gets back home (minus Brenda):

[Mike] “I was on my best behaviour, didn’t try to talk her out of it.”

[Vicky] “There’d be no point … you’ve got to admire her pluck … Young people go everywhere these days without thinking twice about it.”

[Mike] “It don’t make me feel any better. She’s got a good head on her shoulders, but going to Russia, she could do with someone to keep an eye on her. And of all the people we know the last person I’d choose for that job is Matt Crawford.”

I tend to agree with Mike …

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