Monday, 1 July 2013

Tony doesn’t know what he is – Mon 01.07.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 1st July 2013
  • Brenda calls Lilian on her holiday
  • Yet another awkward Tom and Brenda moment
  • Tom wants to spend Pat and Tony’s retirement fund
  • Oliver’s not a happy bunny, Tony’s having an identity crisis
  • The first yoghurts without Bridge Farm milk

Brenda calls Lilian on her holiday

Silly Brenda.

For some odd reason she thinks Lilian will be most delighted to know that she has a professional couple interested in renting No.3.

[Brenda] “Be nice to have some good news for Lilian. It might actually out a smile on her face for a change.”

When Brenda gets hold of Lilian:

[Lilian] “Have you called me to the phone for social chit chat?”

Nope. Just potential tenants.

Actually, that’s not fair. The really good news (according to Brenda) is that they may not need to redecorate before the tenants move in.

[Lilian] “Brenda, I gave you clear instructions to get the decorators in asap!”

But seems the tenants are willing to redecorate themselves. In return for a rent discount of £25, for 12 months.

Lilian’s furious.

It’s not what she agreed to. And she thinks that’s an expensive redecoration.

Brenda does not concur. She thinks they’ll now lose the tenants.

[Brenda] “But that’s stupid!”

[Lilian] “Not listen to me Brenda, you’re not paid to agree special deals. Your job is to carry out my instructions … Now kindly get on and do your job.”

She hangs up.

Really. Silly, silly Brenda.

Yet another awkward Tom and Brenda moment

Brenda couldn’t sleep last night for “stuff” going round and round in her head, so Roy takes her out for lunch at Jaxx.

Of course, Tom happens by.

[Brenda] “He’s looking well … I’m glad. He deserves success.”

Tom wants to spend Pat and Tony’s retirement fund

So, what will Bridge Farm do with all the money they raised from the cows?

Tom wants it spent on farm kit.

[Tony] “Hang on Tom, this is our retirement fund!”

But Pat also wants to spend some of it on the dairy. Tom reckons readymeals first …

[Tom] “We could look back in a few years’ time and realise this was  the moment the business went big time!”


Will Pat and Tony ever get to retire in comfort?

Oliver’s not a happy bunny, Tony’s having an identity crisis

After his and Caroline’s anniversary turning from a posh meal into a Chinese takeaway, Oliver is perplexed:

[Oliver] “It sometimes seems as though Caroline’s work dominates everything. It’s not what I had in mind for this stage in our life.”

Oliver wants to travel. To enjoy his time with Caroline. But it would seem Caroline wants to work.

[Oliver] “But I’ve been trying to fill up my time gamefully.”

Indeed he has.

He’s been milking for Ed. Volunteering in the Community Shop. And is now out rough shooting with Tony.

Tony now knows how Oliver feels.

[Tony] “Feels like my life has been stuck on hold too … it’s quite an adjustment … For me the herd was the heart of that farm.”

They both agree it was wonderful to be dairy farmers. But now:

[Tony] “What am I?”

He’s just a chap who does polytunnels. Which Tony reckons anyone can do:

[Tony] “What am I now, eh. A casual worker … of course, I can’t say anything. I’ve got to be strong for Pat. She feels it like bellyo.”

They’re interrupted their pondering of their predicaments by the matter at hand:

[Oliver] “Are you going to bag the blighter, or am I?”

Oliver does the honours.

Later on, they each have three pigeons.

[Tony] “Stuffed full of Brian’s oilseed rape!”

(that delights him!)

To celebrate, Tony breaks out the tea, bread, cheese and “rather nice ham”.

(Tony will do his in a casserole, Oliver prefers his in game stew. In case you were interested)

The first yoghurts without Bridge Farm milk

Went out to Underwoods today.

Tony hopes no-one will notice.

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