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When Matt met a Russian bloke (Lilian left him) – Thurs 04.07.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 4th July 2013
  • Matt has ice in his malt whisky
  • A big yacht always impresses
  • Lilian goes home alone

Matt has ice in his malt whisky

Hope it was just an Irish malt whiskey …

A big yacht always impresses

As Matt drowns his sorrows (well, the memory of his half-brother playing adult games with his Pusscat), some other guest starts telling him how his once bought $3000 dollars of whisky.

[Other guest] “The most expensive headache I’ve ever had!”

Lilian briefly pops by to show her displeasure at Matt drinking so early:

[Matt] “You know, for today Lilian, I’m just going to do what I like.”

The other guest seems to like Matt. He comes over again to ask Matt what business he’s here on. The other guest has already guessed Matt's in property.

[Other guest] “I heard you talking earlier, with your wife.”

[Matt] “No, not wife. Business partner.”


Matt tells this chap that they’d been working on a deal for a while, but it hadn’t worked out. Matt reckons he thought it wouldn’t from the off.

(one assumes he means his and Lilian’s relationship)

[Other guest] “There are always other deals.”

[Matt] “There are indeed.”

Seems this other guest is Russian, and has worldwide properties. Hotels, and the like. Matt’s interest pricks up when he hears that. He starts making out like his business interests are far more significant than they are … actually, he makes out his whole lifestyle is far more significant (and expensive) than it actually is:

[Matt] “I’ve got a large Georgian property on the edge of the village, dates back to the 18th century.”

(um, that’s Lilian’s Dower House, actually …)

Matt even reckons Brenda is his PA …

The Russian chap seems impressed, and offers to show Matt his latest hotel development. Which Matt agrees to, without telling Lilian where he’s going.

So, this chap is rich, He has the biggest yacht in the harbour, and his development is HUGE and luxurious.

Matt asks him if this is a good place to invest … oh dear, I think we can see what was coming next …

… right on cue, the Russian chap asks if Matt would like to discuss a business project with him.


Lilian goes home alone

When Matt gets back to the hotel, Lilian’s in a flap. Their flight leaves soon, and they still need to pack.

But Matt reckons she needn’t have bothered packing for him.

[Matt] “Didn’t you hear me Lilian. I’m not coming. So, you’d better jump in that taxi … well go on!”

[Lilian] “What you talking about, you can’t stay here.”

[Matt] “Why not? That Russian guy at the bar turns out he’s a property developer. There’s a chance he might throw me some business. I’m going to see what comes of it.”

[Lilian] “Matt, this is madness, you’re not going to go into business with some Russian. Now pick up your suitcase. You have to come home .”

[Matt] “No, no I don’t.”

[Lilian] “You’re acting like a petulant child.”

[Matt] “Well, that’s up to me.”

[Lilian] “Look, I understand if you want to punish me …You know why you’re doing this, and you wouldn’t be saying any of this if …”

[Matt] “And so what if I am? I’ve spent so long trying to cling onto what we had. I thought, as soon as Paul … that after Paul died, I wouldn’t say anything. I’d give you the chance to … I'd try to forgive you, and eventually, we’d get back to normal.”

[Lilian] “Can’t you try to forgive me now?”

[Matt] “Because I can’t. All I asked was for you to be honest, and you couldn't even give me that.”

(what a cheek! Lilian has been o-so wrong, but Matt can hardly claim he’s never lied to Lilian. All he’s ever done is be dishonest)

[Matt] “Well, there’s an opportunity here, and I'm going to take it … don’t cry, it won’t work, like I say, you'd better take that taxi. You don’t want to miss that plane.”

But Lilian also needs Matt to work on Amside with her. He reckons she can do that alone.

[Lilian] “I can’t.”

[Matt] “Oh, well maybe you should have thought of that before you slept with my brother. In fact, I wonder if it wasn’t for Amside, you’d have shacked up with Paul long!”

[Lilian] “You know that’s not true.”

[Matt] “Do I really? You obviously thought he had more going for him than me.”

[Lilian] “Fine. I’ll go then. I’ll fly back on my own,. I’ll run Amside, I don’t know what I’ll tell everyone.”

He says just to say he’s staying there for business. Which I suppose is, in part, true.

[Lilian] “I do love you Matt. I always have. Bye then.”

[Matt] “Okay, bye.”

My word!

Is that it, then?

No more Tiger and Pusscat?

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