Sunday, 30 June 2013

Jennifer to swish – Sun 30.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 30th June 2013
  • Swishing comes to Ambridge
  • Will no-one think of Lonely Cow?
  • The last of the cows leave Bridge Farm
  • Felpersham Church Conservation Trust gave £1,200

Swishing comes to Ambridge

[Jennifer] “Our new event. Swishing … Sabrina says it’s very now.”

[Peggy] “Quite possibly, but would you mind telling me what on earth it is?”

Jennifer explains, and shows Peggy a leaflet.

[Peggy] “So, it’s a glorified jumble sale?”

[Jennifer, appalled] “Not, it’s most certainly not!”

[Peggy] “Well that’s what it says here. A new home for your unwanted clothes.”

[Jennifer] “You’ll also see it also mentions as new or only worn once items. Definitely not talking jumble.”

[Peggy] “Sorry … “

[Jennifer] “Well, it’s more of an exchange, or a swap shop.”

Seems folks bring their clothes, get a voucher for each one, which they use to get other folks’ clothes.

(sounds like a jumble sale to me)

Ever practical, Peggy starts worrying about the changing room facilities. She simply won’t deal with communal …

[Jennifer] “It’s all going to be tasteful.”

Word of the Swishing starts to spread:

[Neil] “What’s this, Ambridge’s first swishing event … I’m not sure if I approve of my Susan going out swishing. What is it then, some sort of jumble sale?”


Peggy’s also worried about Jennifer organising the Swishing with Sabrina. She reckons Sabrina is not the “most reliable” of folks.

[Jennifer] “Don’t say that,. We’re organising this swishing event together!”

Actually, Peggy’s worrying about a lot today. Communal changing rooms, Sabrina’s organisational abilities, and now potential punch ups over the clothes:

[Peggy] “And if they all go after the same things, that when it will get rough?”

Jenifer reckons not. Everyone will have champagne will they have half an hour to have a look through, then the Swishing will officially open.

(hmmm … women on booze trying to grab a bargain … I think Peggy is quite right to be worried!)

And all in aid of the Church organ. Everyone taking part pays £10.

Well, if it keeps Jennifer out of mischief and raises funds, I suppose she can call it whatever she wants!

Will no-one think of Lonely Cow?

Actually, yes.

Tom checked her, and brought fresh straw.

She’ll know her fate on Friday …

The last of the cows leave Bridge Farm

(well, all apart from lonely cow)

Tom was up at 6am working in the ploy tunnels. He’s so used to having to milk.

But with the arrival of Jaco from Cornwall, there’s no-one left to milk (again, apart from lonely cows)
Jaco has come to collect the last of the cows, which he’d bought at the sale the other day. He’s from a farming family, but has just taken over his first tenancy, so needs to start building his herd.

Jaco is using a grass based system, but might go organic later on. He’s beyond delighted with his Bridge Farm cows.

[Jaco] “They’re perfect.”

And Tony is just as delighted with them going to Jaco. He feels it right and proper that the herd they’ve worked so hard to build up are going to a farm that’s just starting out.

After Jaco has gone with the cows (leaving only lonely cow. Sorry to go on about her, but I feel ever so sorry for the poor thing)

[Tony] “Last week was hard, but today was very different. I actually feel quite elated.”

And all because of Jaco. Tony liked him, and could see the passions and enthusiasm of his own youth.

[Tony] “We really loved those cows Tom. Somehow, sending them off to an anonymous buyer would have been the end of something … the works going to go on. They’re going to be building on what me and your mother achieved.”

And with that, Tom and Tony go off for a pint.

[Tony] “And your dad is in the chair!”

I wonder if any of them will be able to sleep beyond 6am …

Felpersham Church Conservation Trust gave £1,200

To the Church organ fund.

Well done indeedy.

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