Sunday, 16 June 2013

Clarrie thinks Christine’s going senile: Sun 16.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 16th June 2013
  • Christine’s lost the plot?
  • Pip’s cooks and gets a car
  • Josh makes money
  • Josh and Phoebe?

Christine’s lost the plot?

Clarrie gets back from church to find Jazzer on her doorstep.

He claims he’s been doing more snooping. Though it would seem the smell of Topside might have been the motivation for his visit.

[Jazzer] “Looks as good as it smells … that joint’s a good size … Only, there’s a quite a lot to tell you about Christine’s display … it may take a wee while … it’s a big ask for a man on an empty stomach.”

[Clarrie] “Go on you, you can stay for Sunday dinner if you like.”

(come on Clarrie … surely you can smell the b*llshit!)

Even before Jazzer starts spinning his wee fairy stories to add to his story about Christine using fairy lights on her flower display:

[Clarrie] “I think Christine’s just chucking everything and anything at this display. It sounds a bit desperate.”

[Eddie] “Like a cry for attention.”

[Clarrie] “I think she’s lost her touch.”

[Jazzer] “It’s just that I was saving the best til last, The juiciest bit. Christine’s added a water feature.”

[Eddie] “Eh? What you on about?”

[Jazzer] “Mary’s da was a trawlerman … I mean, a fisherman.”

[Clarrie] “It’s not like Christine to make a mistake.”

[Jazzer] “She must be getting confused. She’s getting on a bit.”


That’s ever so naughty.

Especially as it’s made Clarrie change her plans again:

[Clarrie] “What’s a milk churn, some white roses and Joe’s old paraffin lamp going to look like?”

And though Clarrie reckons she’s not being competitive, she just “doing her duty” to do the best display she can to raise money for charity:

[Clarrie] “Anything Christine, I can do just as well. If not better.”

That’s fighting talk, that is.

Pip’s cooks and gets a car

Pip really is back to her usual self.

Today, she’s in charge of cooking for Ruth’s birthday.

Roasties. Mash. Pork. Crackling.

Sounds perfect.

‘Cause she’s being such a good girl, David then goes with her to have a look at a car.

[David] “A clean engine on a car this age could mean they’re hiding leaks or major repairs.”

Pip’s ever so grateful David’s helping her.

[Pip] “I’m going to be mobile again. Yay!”

AND Pip’s talking about how she’s going to save from her placement so that she can buy a better car next year. Though she will only be on £7,000.

[David] “The optimism of youth …”

(well, she has everything to be optimistic about considering her folks still pay for most of her living costs!)

Josh makes money

Josh and Phoebe sold out of their eggs at the farmers’ market they were at today.

Ever keen, Josh has also gathered information about other farmers’ market they could go to.

[Josh] “What I was thinking is this is a money making machine, if we get organised.”

Josh and Phoebe?

Josh will be 16 this year, Phoebe 15.

They could just be mates, but the secret microphones were left on while they organised a time they could hang out together. Which was a fairly involved process.

What’s the secret microphones trying to tell us?

(and does it matter?)


Ralph Corderoy said...

Josh and Phoebe?

Hmm, second cousins, once removed. I suppose their conjoining would avoid watering the Archer bloodline down further.

Inga McVicar said...

Them's the rural ways ...