Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pip passed her retakes: Tues 04.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 4th June 2013
  • Pip’s distracted
  • Lilian’s distracted
  • Rob and Adam bond over Brian
  • David and Ruth have a wee walk

Pip’s distracted

She gets the results of her projects today – the ones she’d mucked up, and had to redo.

[Pip] “It’ll be my own fault, won’t it, if I’ve failed and have to retake the whole year.”

Yes Pip – it would indeed it’ll be your own fault. Thank goodness you’ve finally noticed!

Later that day, Pip gets the news that she’s passed.

[Pip] “I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared.”

So – it’s onto her exam tomorrow, AND Spencer even thinks he might have found her car.

Normal service has resumed.


Lilian’s distracted

Now even Ruth’s noticed.

[Ruth] “She was really jumpy … she just sort of grunted at me.”

Pip, of course, assumes Ruth is talking about her:

[Ruth] “No, you’re jumpy but you haven’t resorted to grumping.”

Rob and Adam bond over Brian

Adam’s busy with his rather enthusiastic fruit pickers (it is their first week, so he reckons they’ll calm down fairly soon), but he’s happy to report to Rob that he’s got enough wheat for Rob’s clamps.

But, Adam still has a small twinge of anti-Super dairy feelings (pushed deep down):

[Adam] “I still find it difficult to get my head around the cattle numbers.”

Anyhoo – Rob asks Adam to the pub.

[Adam] “It might have to be a short session though, Ian’s doing one of his specials for dinner.”

Over a pint, Rob tells Adam his woes about trying to find assistant herd managers.

Seems he has an ideal chap in mind, but is having  a heck of a time getting the right visa. It’s apparently hard to bring anyone from outside the EU in to work in the UK – and the chap Rob wants lives in the Philippines.

But Rob’s biggest problem is Brian. Seems he’s been shovelling on the pressure.

Adam reassures that Brian’s “bark is worse than his bite”.

(well, it certainly is when you happen to be his wife’s son!)

As Adam heads off home for his special tea, Rob heads home to pie and chips.

So Adam invites Rob round sometime soon for dinner.

David and Ruth have a wee walk

[Ruth] “ A nice bit of fresh air and a stroll.”

As they stroll, they chat about their cows (who they are about to dry out), Ben (seems he’s been getting creative with photos for Open farm Sunday) and Josh (who wants to use Open Farm Sunday to promote his eggs).

How lovely they’re not getting angry and frustrated about Pip.


caroline_venezia said...

Rob sounds pretty obnoxious over this herd manager business, don't you think? Is there really nobody suitable in the whole of the EU - or is it that the Philippines chap will do it for less money, I wonder? I really don't like Rob at all and am just waiting to find out what sort of a bad lot he is (apart from the obvious).

Inga McVicar said...

Yup, Rob's a twunt. On all fronts.