Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tony really hates Brian – Thurs 20.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 20th June 2013
  • Tony’s scared Tom will turn to the dark side
  • Gies a job!
  • Lilian still hasn’t packed
  • Let’s go fly a kite …
  • Pip’s car is “tidy” but “uncool”

Tony’s scared Tom will turn to the dark side

(i.e. Brian)

Tony was surprised to hear from Rob that Tom had been telling him and Brian everything about his business.

He later tackled Tom about it (after being very grumpy).

[Tony] “I found out completely be accident this morning that you’ve been running off to Home Farm. Giving Brian chapter and verse about your business.”

Tom reckons Brian has more experience of big business, and also showed an interest.

[Tony] “And I haven’t?”

Tom reckons both Tony and Brian can support him.

Tony’s not so sure about that.

He seems to see it as an either or. And later says as much to Helen:

[Tony] “What happens on this farm is none of Brian’s damn  business. But now he’s in the know, you can bet your life he’ll have all kinds of opinions and advice.”

Especially as those opinions and advice will be non-organic.

But Helen assures that she’ll be careful to keep an eye on both Tom and Brian.

After all, she has Henry’s future to think of.

(all depends on whether organic has a future, I suppose)

Tony is slightly on edge anyway due to the impending sale of their dairy herd (which Pat is still insisting on being away from the farm for). I suppose Brian is an easy way to let that worry out.

[Tony] “Brian thinks he’s sensed a regime change here, and if at any time he thinks there’s an opportunity for him … he’ll be in there like a rat up a drain pipe!”

While Helen reckons neither she nor Tom are completely gullible, Ton wonders whether Brian’s concern to get him to help Jennifer with Peggy (!) was just a rouse for Brian to be able to snoop.

[Tony] “This is Brian Aldridge we’re talking about, I wouldn’t put anything passed him!”

Neither would I …

Gies a job!

Pip was asking Rob about jobs.

For a  moment, I thought she was asking for one at the Super Dairy (Ruth would have been delighted about that … ), but she was just mining Rob for his contacts.


Lilian still hasn’t packed

And worse, her passport isn’t in the safe. Where it should be.

[Matt] “You need to get looking for it. As in now.”

She does then find her passport, but she still hasn’t started packing.

So Matt gives her an hour.

Let’s go fly a kite …

Henry and Helen weren’t having much luck trying to get their kite up in the air.

Lucky Rob happened along.

He knew just how to get it going.


He also happened to mention it was his day off tomorrow, and was wondering what to do. So, Helen invited him to a Food Festival she and Henry are off to.

He was delighted to accept.

Neither Tony nor Pat will be as delighted …

Pip’s car is “tidy” but “uncool”

Tony seems impressed by Pip’s car.  He reckons it’s “tidy” and that they’ll get 100,000 miles out of it, no bother at all.

Pip’s proud of her motor, but reckons the colour is “uncool”.

Ach well.

At least it’s not the death trap she was worried she’d end up with.

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