Monday, 10 June 2013

Jim woos Jennifer with a cheese scone – Mon 10.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 10th June 2013
  • Brian has a concrete floor
  • Zebedee Tring’s Connecticut Connections
  • Lilian blames herself
  • Jim tricks his way back into Jennifer’s affections

Brian has a concrete floor

And is mightily pleased with himself.

Well, with Rob. For getting the floor down on the Super Dairy.

But, he’s not as impressed with Rob’s ability to get staff:

[Brian] “Let’s hope we get the staff to work in it now, or it’ll be the biggest white elephant in the country!”

(here’s hoping!)

Zebedee Tring’s Connecticut Connections

Seems a business man from Connecticut has been in touch about the church organ fund.

He saw it on the village website, while he was tracing his family. He’s related to Zebedee Tring.

(blast from the past – Zebedee worked at Brookfield, and was an ol’ mucker of Jethro Larkin)

[Brian, taking the Michael] “Connected to Connecticut!”

[Jennifer] “Well, it might prompt a donation. You never know.”

Poor Jennifer.

Does Brian ever take her seriously?

Lilian blames herself

Thank goodness Lilian has Jolene to talk to. Goodness knows what state she’d be in without … she’s bad enough as it is.

Lilian’s on an emotional hamster wheel. She can’t believe what’s happened, and that she wasn’t to blame:

[Lilian] “If only someone had been with him to call for an ambulance, or to offer him comfort as he lay there. He might have stood a chance, don’t you think. Why wasn’t I there … I was so angry with him … and all the time, I can’t bear to think about it.”

Lilian’s also upset that Paul didn’t tell her about his high blood pressure.

[Jolene] “It’s not exactly pillow talk, is it?”

[Lilian] “We existed in a bubble … it was so magical at first.”

[Jolene] “It couldn’t go on forever.”

[Lilian] “No. Real life caught up with us … If we hadn’t met up again he could still be alive! … It’s torture.”

[Jolene] “It's tough. But I think you’ve got to let it lie. It will get easier with time.”

[Lilian] “I’d been widowed twice by the age of 32, so I know what you say is true, but right now, I can’t believe I’ll never see Paul again.”

Well, I hate to say it, but Lilian best start believing soon. Otherwise, the rest of her life will unravel. Surely Matt will only put up with her moping (about his dead brother, who she was having an affair with) for so long?

Jim tricks his way back into Jennifer’s affections

Jennifer’s broken down.

Jim happens by, and decides to keep her company while the recovery chaps arrived.

Jennifer is not amused – at the breakdown, or at bring found by Jim.

[Jennifer] I didn’t break down as such, there was a warning light on the dashboard which refused to go off. I thought it safer to stop.”

Quite right too Jennifer. Though the last person she wanted to see was ‘that man’ who write ‘that article’ about Brian.

She declines Jim’s offer to sit in his Riley, Unperturbed, Jim decamps to her car, armed with his flask and two cheese scones.

Jim then starts waffling on about St Clement, the patron Saint of Blacksmith’s; how Jennifer was missed at the book club; and that Grange Spinney is ‘doing’ the Virgin Mary for their Flower Festival display.

He wonders what Jennifer can tell him about the Virgin Mary …

[Jennifer] “Can’t you Google her?”


But, Jennifer is easy swayed by talk of myths, folklore and the like. They start boding over the different meanings of the colours associated with the Virgin Mary (blue, Queen of Heaven; yellow, fidelity and love

[Jim] “You are a fount of knowledge.”

And that was Jennifer putty in Jim’s hands. She even accepted a cheese scone.

[Jennifer] “Thanks for the scone. It was a lifesaver!”

As Jim drops her off, Brian’s stunned:

[Jennifer] “Yes, well you can’t hold a grudge forever in a place the size of Ambridge, can you?”

[Brian] “Apparently not.”

Meanwhile, it would seem Jim knew plenty about the Virgin Mary. He’d done so for Christine, who has decided that she’ll just use white flowers:

[Christine] “More of a creative challenge.”

So, why ask Jennifer?

[Jim] “Well, it was an ice breaker… Your cheese scones were instrumental in softening her up … we’re definitely on the mind. I find it rather hurtful being sent to Coventry.”

Seems that also happened to Jim at school. Something about him cutting the tip of a school tie and then being punished for it by the other boys, though he still suspects it was because he was a tad better academically …

[Jim] “I don’t regret satirising Brian … well, it was an own goal.”

But Jim looks likely to retire from his journalist career. Glen offered him another series of articles, but Jim has declined. Though he has left the door open for a possible one off …

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