Wednesday, 26 June 2013

One lonely cow left at Bridge Farm – Wed 26.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 26th June 2013
  • Lonely cow was taken away
  • They came from Cornwall, they came from Wales
  • Becky Holden
  • Pat’s sad, Ruth’s sad
  • And then … there was just lonely cow left

Lonely cow was taken away

But only to a field, away from where the buyers  would be amassing.


Lonely cow lives!!!

They came from Cornwall, they came from Wales

Seems there’s a huge hoard of buyers turned up to buy Bridge Farm’s cows.

Some have even come away from as far as Cornwall and North Wales.

In attendance too are Ruth (no David, he had to out a fence back up),, and also Rob.

To whom Helen says a very happy hello. Ruth just grunts …

Rob does seem to be there out of interest, though also seems to get that he gets this is a sad moment for this side of the Archer clan.

Becky Holden

Was the young lady in Scotland who Rob wanted for the Assistant Herd Manager job. She’s been interviewed, and offered the job. Which she is pondering, though Ambridge is still a bit too far from family.

Ach well.

I’m sure Rob can persuade her.

Pat’s sad, Ruth’s sad

Helen’s still trying to persuade Pat out of the house, to watch the sale:

[Helen] “I really think it will help you come to terms with things.”

[Pat] “I can’t. I can’t bear to see my lovely herd broken up.”

Pat does decide to come out, though she blames Henry:

[Pat] “Henry was keen to see the action, so I thought, why not?”

Nice for Tony that Pat does decide to come out. He gets to hold her hand.

Ruth Pat’s shares her abject sorrow:

[Ruth] “It’s always the same with farming. You never quite know what the future will bring.”

(though Ruth did nearly rub it in when she said she’d have to leave to get back to milk… erm … work … silly Ruth)

And then … there was just lonely cow left

[Pat] “It’s over. It’s really over.”

They’re not sure how much they made as yet, but most of the cows are leaving today.

[Tom] “There’s just number 247 left.”

[Pat] “Lonely cow …”

[Tony] “Here you are girl, a whole field to yourself. There will be pigs in this field before too long,. It’s all change.”

(lonely cows moos back at him … I kid you not)

[Tony] “Yes, I know. You’ll miss them, won’t you? And so will I.”

(I have no idea what they were all on about. Lonely cow was still there, but so were some others who had been sold but not taken as yet. Grief must have wobbled them)

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