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Tom talks to the cows – Mon 24.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 24th June 2013
  • I do love a fundraising thermometer
  • Clarrie’s flowers are Olympian
  • Clarrie’s scared of biscuits
  • Clarrie gets her water feature
  • “everybody loves sponge cake”
  • George teaches his toys how to pray
  • Tom praises the cows

I do love a fundraising thermometer

Eddie and Neil are putting one up for the Organ fund efforts.


Clarrie’s flowers are Olympian

So reckons Eddie. As big a secret as the Olympics opening ceremony, in fact.

When Tony questioned whether they would be as spectacular, Eddie reckoned so.


Massive expectations, then.

Clarrie’s scared of biscuits

[Clarrie] “Helen said she’s brining biscuits and cake from the shop on Tuesday night … I’ve no idea of biscuits and so on!”

Nic and Clarrie are doing the teas at Bridge Farm’s cow sale, but she’s panicking about the extras.

She’ll be fine.

She always is!

Clarrie gets her water feature

Eddie’s ordered Clarrie the water feature she wanted for her flower display. Seems it weighs a tonne.

[Eddie] “You did read the spec right in the description?”

[Clarrie] “I know what I’m doing.”

Eddie then questions the cost. It wasn’t cheap.

But, Clarrie says not to “begrudge” as it’s for charity.

[Clarrie] “I can’t wait to see certain people’s faces … I want it to have that wow factor right from the off!”

Shame for Eddie, as Clarrie insists on building the water feature to check it’s working fine. Even though Eddie has to do the milking at Brookfield, and quite fancied the bowls at The Bull tonight.

When Eddie gets it up, Clarrie is at first stunned by its size. It seems bigger than the catalogue.

But she reckons it’ll be fine from a distance, in the church and up off the ground.

When Eddie switches it on, Clarrie is most underwhelmed.

There’s simply just no WOW factor.

[Eddie] “To think, I could have been down The Bull.”

“everybody loves sponge cake”

Clarrie on Bethany’s christening cake:

[Clarrie] “Very simple but very classy.”

[Eddie] “It was tasty, that’s all I noticed.”

[Clarrie] “You can’t go wrong with a bit of sponge cake. Everybody loves sponge cake.”

(actually, I rather think that’s true!)

George teaches his toys how to pray

[Clarrie] “Praising Buzz Lightyear for being good at it, and batman in the naughty corner cause he wouldn’t say his prayers.”

Emma will be pleased …

Tom praises the cows

In a rare moment of gentleness, Tom tells the Bridge Farm cows how they have done a grand job, and that he’ll miss them.

Right  to their face!

[Tony] “Talking to the cows … you’ve gone soft!”

Actually, they’ll all going a bit soft at Bridge Farm, with the impending sale of their cows.

Tony’s being sentimental about Pat:

[Tony] “She’s always been every inch the stock woman … one of our first dates was me helping her deliver a breached calf.”

He remembers how he went over to see her at her Uncle Hayden’s in Wales. She was wearing a yellow shirt.

[Tony] “Proper ray of sunshine”

And how she diagnosed one of his cows when he thought he had New Forest Disease, telling him to get a vet in sharpish:

[Tony] “It was almost an order. Don’t think I’d have listened to anyone else like I did with her.”

Tom pitches in, saying how he reckons they were pioneers. Folks to be admired. Though Tony reckons Brian always just scoffed at them:

[Tony] “The knit your own lentils brigade, all muck and magic.”

[Tom] “Helen and I are really proud of you both.”

[Tony] “Good heavens!”

[Tom] “We’re so grateful. Well, maybe sometimes we, I, don’t always show it.”

[Tony, verbally uncomfortable] “You don’t always have to say things out loud …Good grief. Let’s get those cows back up to the field before you have us both going soft!”

Wonder if Tom is actually having any regrets about cornering his folks into giving up their cows.

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