Sunday, 9 June 2013

Open Farm Sunday – Sun 09.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 9th June 2013
  • Lilian’s aimless
  • Eggs before mum?
  • It was Josh wot spurred Pip?
  • There could be worse things for George to obsess over
  • Matt stoops to a new low
  • £102.50

Lilian’s aimless

David bumps into Lilian while she’s out riding Spearmint.

He asks her is she’s off anywhere nice.

[Lilian] “No. Nowhere special. Anywhere …”

Just a thought … there aren’t any cliffs in Ambridge, are there …?

Eggs before mum?

Seems Josh has got Ruth’s birthday wrong.

He thought it was Saturday, but it’s Sunday. When he’s due to be at market with his eggs.

Oh, the sheer horror of it all …

When Josh tells Ruth, she says to go to the market. Which Josh is delighted about, but which also feels guilty:

[Jill] “Sometimes Josh, when you’re genuinely prepared to give something up, you find you don’t need to.”

Aye, listen to your gran, Josh.

She more than often right.

It was Josh wot spurred Pip?

Josh and Pip’s competitiveness seems to have risen to new heights.

They’re even fighting over who takes the sponges from Jill’s car, into the house.

I wonder … was it a determination to not be left in Josh’s shadow that pushed Pip out of her tantrums?

There could be worse things for George to obsess over

Seems George is still in his Church phase.

[Jill] “He looked very devour and very serious.”

Maybe this is his calling?

At the very least, and has been said, it’s better than wanting to follow Uncle Clive into the ‘removals’ business …

Matt stoops to a new low

Paul’s daughter Grace is on the phone to Matt, informing him about Paul’s funeral.

[Grace] “I wanted to tell you because you’re family.”

She also invites Matt to the funeral.

[Grace] “And the invitation extends to your partner, of course … I wish you could have known him properly. I find that so sad.”

Of course, Grace has no idea about Paul and Lilian.

Actually, it sounds like she didn’t really know her dad much, either.

[Grace] “He’d get wound up sometimes, get things out of perspective, but he could be loving too and thoughtful. Doesn’t seem fair,. The good ones go early … he wasn’t tough.”

Seems Paul did have high blood pressure. Lucky for Matt, no-one but him and his hitman know that it was their ‘message’ that sent Paul into a panic. Though it sounds like Grace suspects it was more to do with Paul’s stress over her mum remarrying.

[Grace] “It was stupid, he was still so possessive about her, god knows why … maybe it was because he was on his own … if only he had found someone after mum, someone he could talk to and share things with …”

[Matt, without blinking. Or so I imagine!] “Well, we all want that.”

[Grace] “No-one should die alone, should they?”

When Lilian later gets back in from her wee trot, Matt sounds mightily annoyed with her.

[Matt] “I haven't gone off gallivanting anywhere!”

Then he tells her what Grace told him about Paul’s death.

[Matt] “No-one should die alone, should they … that’s what Grace said happened to Paul. All alone, in an anonymous hotel room. Horrible, isn’t it?”

Ooh, that Matt is being rotten to Lilian.

I can’t say she doesn’t deserve a wee bit of a metaphorical slap, but Matt’s taking it too far. He knows full well the thought of Paul dying alone will be torture for Lilian.

Lilian says sorry again.

[Matt] “Are you?”

[Lilian] “He was your brother  …”

[Matt] “Yeah. So, you making that tea then?”

Nasty Matt. Nasty.


Was what Jill and Shula made from selling food at Brookfield’s Open farm Sunday.

[Josh] “Yeah, they sold like hotcakes”


Not a lot much else to say about this year’s Open farm Sunday.

Sounded busy enough, and the crowd were making the right ‘interested’ noises when being shown around the farm.

Far better than last year …

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