Friday, 7 June 2013

Matt tells Lilian that Paul’s dead – Fri 07.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 7th June 2013
  • Matt breaks the news to Lilian
  • Emma Grundy or Tracey Horrobin?
  • Peggy and Elona have to part
  • Lilian’s in hell

Matt breaks the news to Lilian

Matt tells Lilian that Grace has rung:

[Matt] “She said that Paul had died.”

[Lilian] “Oh no …”

[Matt] “Heart attack, evidently.”

[Lilian] “That’s terrible …”

[Matt] “I know!”

(Matt really is being evil)

[Matt] “I mean, he was only, how old?”

[Lilian] “I don’t know.”

[Matt] “Younger than me anyway. Poor bloke.”

[Lilian] “Matt, I’m so sorry.”

[Matt] “Well, we weren’t very close.”

[Lilian] “But still …”

That was painful listening.

Is Matt into torture now?

Seems so … he knows full well that Lilian will have cared for Paul.

[Matt] “Didn’t have anything in common …”

[Lilian] “He was a nice man.”

[Matt] “Well, you seemed to rate him …”

[Lilian] “He gave me such support when you were in prison.”

[Matt] “I know he did, pussycat.”

Lilian starts crying. Matt comforts her.

[Matt] “I’m sure he was a good bloke. Just wasn’t my type … you ok? Not really?”

[Lilian] “I’m just feeling … like I want to get away from it all, I suppose.”

So, seems Matt’s organised their holiday bang at the right time.

Emma Grundy or Tracey Horrobin?

That’s not a choice any of us would want to make …

… but Peggy does.

[Peggy] “I’d hardly got over the excitement of her visit with Tracey Horrobin turned up on my doorstep … I feel quite in demand!”

Jennifer’s horrified at the thought of Tracey working for Peggy. She far prefers Emma, who already works for Ruth and has good (better?) references.

[Jennifer] “Which is rather more than …”

But, Keira is the problem with Emma.

[Peggy] “She was into everything when she was here.”

And seems Bill was terrified of Keira.

Jennifer tries to reassure Peggy that she’ll find a solution so that Emma can be Peggy’s ‘choice’.

[Peggy] “Thank you dear. I’m quite capable of phoning both candidates myself.”

Quite right too, Peggy!

Peggy and Elona have to part

It’s Elona’s last day working with Peggy.

[Elona] “I want everything to be perfect for you when I go.”

But Peggy doesn’t want Elona to clean. She just wants a final chat.

And to tell Elona of how she’s organised her replacement, all on her tod.

Peggy has arranged for Tracey to look after Keira, while Emma comes to work for her.


Clever lady, that Peggy.

Jennifer is delighted at the news:

[Jennifer] “Although we did just have a lucky escape … the other candidate was Tracey Horrobin, can you imagine.”

Anyhoo – Peggy gives Elona a pearl on a chain as a thank-you gift. Elona adores it, and says it will always remind her of Peggy.

[Elona] “And of the very nice time I’ve had in Ambridge.”

Though Elona has regrets about her and Darrell:

[Elona] “I know I was putting too much pressure on Darrell. He couldn’t cope.”

She also knows that she can’t take him back as he’d just get into the same sort of mess again.

Lilian’s in hell

Lilian pours her heart to Jolene:

[Lilian] “And he was watching me. Felt like he could see right through into my head … I thought, I'm going to have to tell him … the words were so loud in my head, I thought I’d said them … perhaps it would have been better if I told him. It can’t be any worse than this … What am I going to do?”

[Jolene] “Just go on as best as you can, I suppose.”

Of all people, Jolene can understand what it’s like for someone you love to die suddenly. To not be able to prepare, say goodbye, say all of the things you wanted to say.

[Lilian] “Then there’s the other horror, in this case. I loved Paul, and he’s dead. I’m going to have to keep the secret from matt forever, amn’t I? How am I going to live with that?”

Oh, this really is horrible.

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