Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mushy peas, mandarin oranges and Proust: Wed 05.06.13 #thearch

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 5th June 2013
  • Mushy peas, mandarin oranges and Proust
  • We didn’t have stress in our day …
  • Lynda’s still not happy about the Highland Games
  • Jim admits to being mean
  • Emma to become the new Elona?
  • Rob wants to promote the Super Dairy at Brookfield

Mushy peas, mandarin oranges and Proust

[Jim] “I wonder if we should re-order the mushy peas?”

Seems Susan reckoned they were running low in the village shop.

Decisions, decisions …

[Jim] “Mandarin oranges. Something about them reminds one of childhood.”

[Lynda] “Not mine, I’m afraid …”

(poor Lynda)

[Jim] “It was always mandarin oranges and evaporated milk for Sunday tea., We used to count them out to make sure they’d been divided properly …I;m afraid tinned Mandarin oranges are to me are like the madeleine cake to Marcel Proust.”

[Lynda] “Yes, quite …”

(one of Lynda and Jim’s more surreal exchanges …)

We didn’t have stress in our day …

Seems Daniel has been studying hard ahead of his exams. Jim reckons it wasn’t such a drama back in his time.

[Jim] “We simply didn’t use the word, stress did we? We thought we were rather anxious, or a bit worried.”

Ah, but Lynda reasons that they also didn’t have such horrifically tough competition for each and every job.

(and I suppose Jim also got change of a 5p when he went to the cinema, walked barefoot in the snow to school, created entertainment out of cardboard boxes …)

Lynda’s still not happy about the Highland Games

[Jim] “Jazzer’s full of it.”

[Lynda] “That’s the problem! … The trouble is, of course, Kenton and Jazzer are like runaway horses when they get together.”

[Jim] “I’m sure you’ll manage to rein them in!”

(how very droll …)

And Jim’s certainly not taking Lynda’s side. He’s even looking forward to hearing Jazzer play his bagpipes.

Jim admits to being mean

Jennifer was about to come into the shop, but did a uturn when she saw Jim.

[Jim] “Oh, that’s a shame, I do have rather a plentiful supply of Borchester Life in stock. Perhaps she’d like a few more copies.”

Lynda makes a very big *sniff*

[Lynda] “This isn’t worthy of you Jim.”

[Jim] “Um, well, I suppose not …”

[Lynda] “You seem to be quite relishing Jennifer’s discomfort.”

[Jim] “I’ve been taking a rather childish pleasure in the whole thing. I realise it may have gone too far as far as village friendship are concerned.”

[Lynda] “There’s no may about it.”

Blimey, that was easy. Jim’s not normally very forthcoming when dealing with his own failings.

I wonder how he’ll rebuild his friendship with Jennifer?

Emma to become the new Elona?

Jennifer upset Emma when she did her uturn. She was about to walk right by her and Keira without even saying hello.

Jennifer excuses herself on the grounds that she’s preoccupied with trying to find a home help for Peggy.

Emma’s ears perk up. She wants to know what the work entails.

Emma as the new Elona?


I don’t think Emma has the patience (or, to be frank, the brains) to be the sort of company Peggy is looking for.

Rob wants to promote the Super Dairy at Brookfield

Rob’s had a brainwave.

He’d like to put a display board about the Super Dairy up at Brookfield, during Open farm Sunday.

Well, it would have been a brainwave, if it wasn’t such a daft idea.

[David] “Actually, Rob, I don’t think that would work for us.”

[Josh] “No way!”

[David] “It’s not the type of technology we use …Honestly, I don’t think so. I’m really sorry not be to be more helpful … it’s the wrong venue, I’m afraid.”

Rob takes it on the chin. After he leaves:

[David] “That was a bit embarrassing.”

[Josh] “For him, yeah … what a cheek. You can imagine what mum will say about it!”

But as Josh starts ranting about the nerve of Rob …

[Josh] “ … thinking he can use us to promote his mega dairy.”

[David] “Rob’s not the only one who grans a marketing opportunity when he sees one!”


But I don’t think Josh’s eggs can really be fairly compared to Rob’s Super Dairy!


Ralph Corderoy said...

Emma as the new Elona?

Could work well. Peggy as a Miss Marple, taking in a young slip of a girl from the village and educating her sufficiently so she's useful to the world at large.

Inga McVicar said...

LOVE your Miss Marple parallel!

That's perfect, and brilliant.