Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Henry won’t eat peppers and courgettes – Tues 25.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 25th June 2013
  • Oliver’s horrified at Caroline’s desk lunch
  • Poor, poor lonely cow
  • Any opportunity for Tom Archer to promote Tom Archer
  • It’s not to Oliver’s plan
  • Henry is two and a half
  • Helen fools Henry
  • The last night of cows at Bridge Farm

Oliver’s horrified at Caroline’s desk lunch

Such things are not done in Oliver’s world.

But they are in Caroline’s. Especially when her occupancy rates are down, and there’s no sign of improvement for bookings right through to Christmas.

[Caroline] “I need to do some radical thinking.”

But, she’s boxed in by the online booking sites taking commission (so she hasn’t got any more margin to offer discounts). She doesn’t believe “bargain hunters” would be of any value, as they wouldn’t spend on the restaurant and the beauty facilities.

So, she somehow needs to create offers which will bring her volume and margin.


Which is why she has top ponder it right through lunch.

Poor, poor lonely cow

[Helen, to Henry] “Would you like to see lonely cow before we go home?”

[Tom] “We’re going to have to keep lonely cow well out of the way tomorrow.”

Seems Tony has a plan.

Poor Lonely cow.

Separated, alone, shunned …

Any opportunity for Tom Archer to promote Tom Archer

Tom’s putting Tom Archer’s promotional boards round the ring to be used for sale of the cows.

[Oliver] “Will Bridge Farm be dedicated to the Tom Archer range?”

(nail on head, Oliver!)

Even Tom donating the sales from his gourmet grills vans sales tomorrow to the church organ fund are viewed with suspicion:

[Tom] “You can take that expression off your face … I’m not going to suggest they stock a Tom Archer poster on the side.”

[Helen] “Thanks goodness for that!”

Helen’s horrified that Tom’s wasting time putting up the adverts. She reckons there’s more urgent and important things to do.

[Tom] “We might as well use the occasion to promote the rest of the Bridge Farm business.”

He reckons as it’s adverts they used to launch Ambridge Organics, it’s obviously also promoting Ambridge Organics.

(which is fair enough, I suppose)

[Helen] “Mum and dad have enough to worry about already without marketing opportunities.”
(also true)

It’s not to Oliver’s plan

Oliver was wondering to Tom if Tony’s now ready to retire, what with the cows being sold tomorrow.

[Tom] “Not while there are organic boxes to fill and carrots to hoe.”

Seems Oliver is ready to retire. And was meant to be retired with Caroline.

Oliver tells Tom that after his divorce, and his kids had moved, he sold his farm in Norfolk to have a change of pace in life.

To relax a bit more.

Which should have been the case when Caroline stepped back from her work at Grey Gables.

But, Roy’s replacement has not been forthcoming. It’s a whopping two years since he left, with Caroline promising a replacement if she was still having to slog it out after 6 months.

So, Oliver has to amuse himself, with Caroline leaving his tea out while she goes back to work.

But, he is insistent that she takes time off to go to a Michelin Star restaurant with him tomorrow for their anniversary. Caroline’s delighted, though puts the block on them also staying at a boutique hotel the same night. She has to be back in work early the next day for a conference.


Oliver sounds ever so bored.

But spare a though for Caroline being ever so busy, but not busy enough to get a Manager in.

Henry is two and a half

How terrifying is that!

Seems only yesterday he came into the world, and Nigel departed.

Helen fools Henry

Seems Henry is refusing to eat peppers and courgettes.

(The cheek of the lad … they’d be grown on Bridge Farm!)

But Helen just hides them in a tomato sauce for pasta. Which he’s happy to eat.

Wonder if he’ll always be that gullible, or if it’s just a 2 year old thing.

The last night of cows at Bridge Farm

Pat’s decided to stay for the sale, but will stay indoors to look after Henry.

Helen’s sad.

Tom’s excited.

[Tom] “We’re not just doing it for ourselves, we’re doing it for Henry and future generations … it’ll be a new beginning.”


With no cows.


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