Sunday, 2 June 2013

Lilian goes to church: Sun 02.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 2nd June 2013
  • Paul hasn’t called Lilian
  • Jennifer and Brian REALLY rate themselves
  • Where were Peggy’s sparrows?
  • Peggy can cope
  • Mr Honeywell tires out Lilian
  • Peggy has very deep pockets
  • Jennifer’s boycotting the book club

Paul hasn’t called Lilian

Seems he’s not returning any of her calls.

Though I can see why. She’s managing to keep the argument between them going by voice message.

Lilian can’t make their agreed meet up on Monday morning. But she can make the afternoon.

And she tells him not to bother calling her back as she’s off to church.

Hardly the stuff of romance.

Jennifer and Brian REALLY rate themselves

Jennifer’s worried about Bridge Farm

Jennifer’s nose is ever so slightly out of kilter because neither Pat nor Tony thought to tell her they were selling their cows.

[Jennifer] “But to let us read about it in the papers … do you think they’re doing the right thing?”

Brian reckons so.

In his opinion, the more time Tom has to spend on Tom’s side of the business, the better for all.

But Jennifer’s not so sure.

Though she is sure that at least it means neither Pat nor Tony can blame herself or Brian for any impact the super dairy could have had to Bridge Farm. No cows, no competition.

 [Jennifer] “Though I wouldn’t out it past Pat to have a go”

[Brian] “I get so tired of being blamed for other people’s misfortunes … it’s a natural human tendency, I'm afraid darling.”

[Jennifer] “Well, not a very attractive one!”


What an odd comment for Jennifer to make.

Since when did she care whether Tony or Pat were attractive?

Where were Peggy’s sparrows?

Seems they disappeared for a while.

But now they’re back in Peggy’s Holly tree.

[Peggy] “Lucky Bill and Ben’s bird watching days are over.”

Lilian’s barely listening, but does manage to muster:

[Lilian] “I’ve always been hopeless with birds ...robins, pigeons, blackbirds. That’s about my lot.”

[Peggy] “They’re such a joy when you take a bit of time to learn about them.”

Good for Peggy.

At least one person is thinking of the sparrows.

Peggy can cope

Finally giving in to Jennifer’s demands that she be supported over trying to get Peggy to accept an Agency home help, Lilian has a very half-hearted attempt to talk Peggy round.

[Peggy] “I’ve told Jennifer I’m perfectly capable of managing on my own. So please stop fussing … I’m sorry if you think I’m being difficult.”

Lilian gives in.

[Peggy] “It’s not like you to give up so easily!”

Aye well, Lilian’s distracted.

Jill makes a better sounding board for Peggy, as they have coffee after church.

[Peggy] “Sometimes it does feel a battle to get my  voice heard … Jenny can be very organising, although I know she means well … but she’s being so determined … Lilian had a go at me too just now.”

Seems Peggy reckons Elona was more about the company than the actual help. She thinks “something will turn up”:

[Peggy] “And in the meantime, I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself.”

[Jill] “Of course you are.”

Mr Honeywell tires out Lilian

At church:

[Jill] “I’m afraid Lilian’s been nabbed by Mr Honeywell. He never seems to turn his hearing aid the right  way. I tried to help him earlier. It whistles all way through the final hymns!”

[Peggy] “Old age doesn’t come alone, does it. As I should know.”

[Jill] “You do very well, Peggy.”

(Peggy will be 89 this year, Jill 83. Though from their conversation, you’d be forgiven for thinking Jill sees Peggy as a good couple of decades older!)

After church, Lilian’s slumped from being distracted to one word answers.

[Peggy] “Mr Honeywell really did wear you out.”

Well, not quite.

Lilian’s quite good at keeping enough energy for more than one man …

Peggy has very deep pockets

As well as (seemingly constantly) bankrolling Tom, Peggy has also written a cheque for £1,000 for the Church organ fund.

Very generous indeed.

But here’s a thought … with that kind of spending power, couldn’t Peggy simply advertise for a top-notch professional home help?

Or does she just want Elona back?

Jennifer’s boycotting the book club

And it’s not because she doesn’t approve of the book:

[Jennifer] “It’s a fascinating, Scandinavian thriller.”

It’s because Jim is hosting.

[Brian] “That’s very sweet if you darling … but we can’t go on bearing grudges.”

(or blame someone for simply writing down what you’ve said, eh Brian?)

But Jennifer can’t forgive.

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