Thursday, 6 June 2013

Paul’s dead: Thurs 06.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 6th June 2013
  • A dead man doesn’t answer his phone
  • Sheaf Toss, Maids’ Legs and a ceilidh
  • Peggy interviews Emma
  • Darrell’s ex-boss was found dead
  • Did Matt kill Paul?

A dead man doesn’t answer his phone

Lilian’s getting to panic stage over Paul.

He missed their meet up on Monday. And still isn’t returning her calls.

[Lilian] “I just don’t understand what’s happening anymore … just let me know you’re okay. Please. Please … “

Sheaf Toss, Maids’ Legs and a ceilidh

The Highland Games’ planning continues unabated.

Though Lynda is now mellowing to the potential of a sheaf toss, she’s not amused by what Maids’ legs could entail.

I didn’t have a clue either, but Jazzer later explained that you have to sit on ground, feet pressed together, hold a stick out so horizontal and level with toes, then pull the stick until one of you raised from the ground.


Glad that’s been cleared up (!).

They’ve also now decided to have a ceilidh in The Bull.

[Kenton] “We could have a best legs in a kilt competition!”

For some odd reason or another, Jolene’s actually horrified at that thought.

Peggy interviews Emma

Seems Emma was serious about wanting to be Peggy’s home help.

She’s with Peggy, explaining what she does at Brookfield.

When Peggy explains that she’ll need Emma to clean, iron, do some shopping and ironing, Emma sounds a bit horrified …

She recovers her nerve, and explains that she has two NVQs  in catering. Which seems to impress.

But, what about Keira?

Emma’s made the fatal error of taking Keira along to her interview with Peggy. Seems Keira is getting far too close to Peggy’s ornaments. And what about her possibly terrorising the cats?

[Peggy] “Bill and ben are quite old now, of course.”


Sounds like Keira just lost her mum some work.

Though very daft of Emma to think it was okay to take her in the first place.

Darrell’s ex-boss was found dead

Jolene and Lilian were having a natter in The Bull when Darrell happened by, looking a bit upset.

Seems his ex-boss was found dead.

[Darrell] “Nice bloke too, Paul Morgan. Heart attack, probably … Sorry Lilian, you knew him, didn’t you? I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.”

Good lord.

Lilian starts gasping for air, so Jolene takes her upstairs.

[Darrell] “I spoke without thinking just now.”

[Jazzer] “I do that all the time.”

Darrell feels especially guilty, as he was mainly upset about Paul being dead meaning no more work for him …

Back upstairs:

[Lilian] “I can’t believe it … he can’t be! … Jolene, what am I going to do? I can’t bear it … see, Paul and I. We were lovers … it was all so wonderful at the beginning.”

[Jolene] “I knew you and Matt were going through a bad patch last year, but …”

[Lilian] “It just happened. I didn’t mean it top, honestly. He just made me feel, well everything I wasn’t with Matt.”

Lilian’s obviously upset. But ever more so that while Paul was dead (or dying?), she was leaving him angry messages. And that she had been so angry with him last time they had spoken.

[Jolene] “Look Lilian, whatever happened to him, it weren’t your fault.”

And what about Matt?

[Lilian] “Jolene, how am I going to face him?”

What a shocker … though Paul was very much an odd man, I wouldn’t have wished death on him.

The world just got even darker for our Lil …

Matt’s brother is found dead

Matt calls his hitman:

[Matt] “I’ve just had Paul Morgan’s daughter on the phone. He’s dead …He was found Sunday morning in some hotel room in Cardiff. Heart attack, they reckon. So what the hell happened. I told you I only want him scared!”
[Hitman] “Whatever happened, it wasn’t down to me.”

[Matt] “Could the heart attack have any connection with you?”

The hitman reckons not. After he’d given Paul his warning, Paul was able to drive himself to Cardiff. The hitman reckons Paul was just of that age, with a  stressful job.

[Hitman] “It happens.”

That it does.

But it’s a bit of a coincidence, wouldn’t you say?

Later on, when Lilian gets home, she's visibly upset:

[Matt] “What is it? You can tell me, you know.”

[Lilian] “I’m just all churned up about mum … it suddenly got to me … I’m sorry for getting so wound up about it all.”

[Matt] “Only natural, innit”

What a bastard!

Now that’s just evil of Matt. He knows full well Paul was Lilian’s lover … sounds like his sympathy is well and truly playing second to his fury at the affair.

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caroline_venezia said...

Shocking indeed! Do you think the hitman had somethin to do with it? I don't know, but I can't imagine nothing more will emerge.