Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The lads shear some sheep: Wed 19.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 19th June 2013
  • Jazzer farts
  • Wednesdays are always quiet in The Bull
  • Did Lilian leave her pants?
  • Jazzer to work in the Super Dairy?

Jazzer farts

Ed, Jazzer and Jamie are on their shearing job.

All went well with the work, so we hear more of them after the fact. While downing pints.

[Jazzer] “Come on lads, may be the sheep be plentiful and the wool thick and long!”

As they then bed down for the night, Jazzer starts farting.

[Jazzer] “Better oot than in.”

(ooft … I could smell that from here!)

Well, at least Jamie would well chuffed to be part of the shearing team.

Wednesdays are always quiet in The Bull

Wonder why that is?

Did Lilian leave her pants?

Matt reckons that now Paul’s funeral is over, both he and Lilian can look forward to their holiday.


Lilian then calls Jolene in a panic. She hasn’t packed. And worse, as she starts, she realises:

[Lilian] “Oh my god, my perfume. I left my perfume in the apartment!”

And her scarf.

Lilian’s in a pure panic now. She’s terrified Paul’s children will realise they belong to her, and then realise something had been afoot.

So, Jolene agrees to go with Lilian to collect her stuff from the flat.

When they get there, Lilian wants to take the watercolour she and Paul bought together. Which Jolene agrees to stash at hers.

[Lilian] “Oh Paul. And you were so alone!”

And she starts sobbing.

Lilian now reckons she can’t go on holiday with Matt. It doesn’t “feel right”.

But Jolene tries to reason that it’s a new start for her.

[Jolene] “What’s happened to Paul has been horrible for you.”

[Lilian] “I loved him.”

[Jolene] “I know, and I know how’ll bad you’ll miss him. I don’t wanna seem harsh, but he’s gone. Matt’s here, and Matt loves you … I know you love him.”

But, Lilian admits that if Paul hadn’t died, Lilian would probably have left Matt.

[Jolene] “He’s got his faults, well so has any man. So have we all. You’ve got so much in common, your fight, your ambition, your drive,. Your brains. You complement each other so well. Don’t throw it all away Lilian. Not now.”

Oh dear.

Maybe Matt’s psychological warfare is having an effect on Lilian, but one which will destroy them.

(and no. It didn’t sound like Lilian left her pants)

Jazzer to work in the Super Dairy?

Well, he is going to ask Rob for a job.

[Ed] “Put you next to a cow, and you wouldn’t know one end from the udder!”

(oh ho!)

But Jazzer reckons he has “transferrable” skills. And he also wants his own flat (the job just happens to come with one).

The interview should be interesting (probably reminiscent of Spud’s in Trainspotting)

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