Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Lilian shouts at Brenda: Tues 18.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 18th June 2013
  • Brenda can’t get into the bathroom
  • Rob’s never seen a lazy weeder
  • Brenda can’t get work done
  • Tom tours the Super Dairy
  • Why’s Brian so interested in Tom?
  • Vicky and Mike are on a diet
  • A lass to work the cows

Brenda can’t get into the bathroom

[Vicky] “I bet all over the country at this very minute there are kids arguing about who takes the longest in the bathroom.”

Well, Brenda’s certainly losing that one in Roy’s house. She’s had to nip next door to use Vicky and Mike’s.

[Vicky] “I bet you really miss having your own space”

(hmmm … no s*it Sherlock …)

AT least Roy and family are off on holiday soon.

Rob’s never seen a lazy weeder


Brenda can’t get work done

Brenda wants to talk work with Lilian. Lilian reckons she’s not in the right frame of mind.

Brenda then complains that Lilian has to talk to her, as they need to draw up a list for when Lilian and Matt go on holiday.

[Lilian] “Obviously you’ll have less to do if he and I aren’t here to add to your list!”

Brenda reckons she has too much to do.

[Lilian] “Come on Brenda, it’s up to you to manage your time properly, isn’t it!”

Later on, Lilian’s finally got her head into work, so is now berating Brenda for not having scared up enough viewings of prospective tenants for No.3.

[Lilian] “Try harder Brenda … you need to be more assertive with him … you’ll have to find a solution.”

Brenda fights back (well, in a sense). She reckons the rent is too high, and it needs decorating. Lilian responds that Matt didn’t think so.

[Brenda] “I think he’s wrong.”

[Lilian] “Oh, do you?”

[Brenda] “With all due respect Lilian, I’m showing the people round.”

[Lilian] “Oh stop it, this is your department, I don’t know why you’re bothering me about it … go away and leave me in peace!”


Why does Brenda even bother …?

Tom tours the Super Dairy

And seems quite impressed at how light and airy it is.

[Tom] “It knocks spots off the winter shed at Bridge Farm.”

(Tom!!! Tony would punch you if he heard you saying that)

Why’s Brian so interested in Tom?

Tom was at Home Farm to meet Brian. And tell him all about his ready meal efforts.

Seems Bellinghams (an “exclusive” supermarket chain) is going to take 600 packs a week.

Tom also tells Brian that his meals are “welfare friendly” rather than organic.

[Brian, stunned] “Oh!”

Tom explains that using non-organic meant a lower unit cost, so commercially cheaper.

Both Rob and Brian sounded extremely interested.

(which I find rather suspicious)

Just fodder for Brian to bash Tony?

Or something  more involved?

Surely Brian doesn’t want to work with Tom again … ?

Vicky and Mike are on a diet

Of salad.

At least until the Christening is done and dusted on Sunday.

[Vicky] “You know what they say about the camera outing 10 pounds on … I got a hat, did I tell ya?”

[Brenda] “Oh, should I get one?”

[Vicky] “Well, it’s up to you.”

(which means “yes”)

A lass to work the cows

Rob has managed to find one of the two herd manager assistants he needs.

She’s a she (no name given, so far), and is currently working on a Scottish dairy of 1,000 cows. Seems she’s also worked in Hungry and Poland, and genetics is her thing.

Rob is also keen on a Young Philippine chap, but if they don’t get him from an agency, they’d have to sort with out with a new visa. Which could be hard, depending on the points he can amass. Seems they could solve that by paying him £150,000 a year …

Either which way, Rob needs to sort out before Brian completely loses his patience.

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