Thursday, 27 June 2013

Pip got a 2:2 – Thurs 27.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 27th June 2013
  • Pip passed
  • Halter training a heifer
  • Clarrie vandalising gardens
  • Phoebe and Abbie can’t share
  • Caroline thinks taxis are extravagant
  • Oliver’s stood up (again)

Pip passed

Ruth was anxiously waiting for Pip to call her to tell her whether she’s passed her exams. But her phone is going to voicemail.

[Ruth] “She could have failed and be crying  down the phone to Spencer.”

[David] “Or she could have passed and be calling all her friends.”

When Pip does call:

[Pip] “I did it, I passed … a 2:2.”

[David, trying to mask disappointment] “Right … But you passed, that’s the main thing … Tonight we will celebrate in style.”

When they go out for dinner, while Pip is on the phone to her pal Megan (who failed her exams), David’s a bit more honest about what he thinks of her 2:2. Seems Josh:

[David] “Informed me that she’d only just scraped through … he’s got a point, a student of her calibre should have got at least a 2:1, if only she’d out in a bit more effort.”

[Ruth] “I’m just glad she’s back on track.”

And at least David still bought Pip champagne.

(I can see David’s point. I was gutted that I got a 2:2. But a degree is a degree, and no-one has ever asked me what I actually got. So, well done Pip!)

Halter training a heifer

Is what Josh is helping Freddie to do.

Seems Freddie wants to enter the Young Handler competition at “the show” (Ruth didn’t mention which show it was).

[Ruth] “There’s definitely a bit of, if Josh can do it, then so can I going on.”

Seems Josh is a good and patient teacher, though when Ruth went to collect him, she played witness to the heifer jumping around:

[Ruth] “It wasn’t the heifers fault … you have to give your animal full attention of they’ll play up.”

Plenty more practice is required, it would seem.

Clarrie vandalising gardens

Brenda spots Clarrie attacking Lilian’s roses.

Lilian has said it was fine, but neglected to tell Brenda.

Clarrie then attempted to take from Vicky’s garden, but this time at least had the sense to check with Roy (as Vicky was out).

(well, we only have Clarrie’s word for it that Vicky said it was okay in the first place)

As well as her neighbour’s flowers, Clarrie is also insistent that she needs the church’s extension lead. None other will do.

The Flower Festival really has warped our Clarrie. What odd behaviour …

Phoebe and Abbie can’t share

Things aren’t well in the Tucker household.

[Roy] “Phoebe’s finally at boiling point about sharing a bedroom.”

Phoebe and Abbie are having to share while Brenda is in Phoebe’s room.

Seems there’s a problem between Phoebe wanting to have her mates back, and Abbie wanting to play with her toys.

[Ruth] “You can’t please everyone all of the time. Someone has to give in at some point.”

When Brenda later gets back home, she sense something is awry.

[Roy] “It’s nothing. Phoebe and Abby had a row.”

Roy is really having a problem telling Brenda that she’s causing havoc in his household. Luckily enough, Brenda gets it without him having to say:

[Brenda] “It’s a big ask. There’s 10 years between them after all, it’s not right … it’s not fair on either of them, on any of you … I’ll start looking tomorrow. I’ve got plenty of contacts, I’ll sort something out. I promise.”

Caroline thinks taxis are extravagant


I thought Caroline was a lady of refined taste, for which taxis would be a norm.

Oliver’s stood up (again)

Tonight, it’s Oliver and Caroline’s wedding anniversary. Oliver’s booked a rather nice restaurant.

He’s booked a taxi for 7pm, so expects Caroline home well in time to have a lovely evening together.

At 6.30pm, Caroline’s not home. Oliver calls her:

[Caroline] “One of the guests has been taken ill, she looks quite serious.”

Indeed. They’ve had to call the paramedics.

Oliver assumes that when they arrive, Caroline can leave. But no. As the guest is a woman travelling alone with a toddler and a baby, and the father is hours away, she insists she has to stay.

[Caroline] “I can’t leave until I’m satisfied the children are in the right hands.”

No delegation allowed …

[Oliver, furious] “Well then, I’ll cancel the dinner table and the cab … the one night, the one special night I had planned for us … when was the last time we went out anywhere together … I do think you could have got someone to ring me, instead I had to ring you!”

Caroline apologises, but also can’t see what she can do about it.

Oh dear.

This won’t be forgotten.


caroline_venezia said...

I would have thought Caroline would think about losing Guy too soon and be more concerned to send time with Oliver, wouldn't you? I'm surprised at her, especially after she ahd to wait a comparatively long time for happiness.

Do you remember Guy's last words - something like "oh no - not now - not yet"? Heartbreaking. Although of course Caroline didn't hear them.

Ralph Corderoy said...

I thought Caroline was a lady of refined taste

The scales fell from my eyes when she popped into the shop for an emergency pair of replacement tights. Not stockings.