Monday, 3 June 2013

Paul stands up Lilian: Mon 03.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 3rd June 2013
  • When did Freddie grow up?
  • No more Ifty
  • Staffing problems at the super dairy
  • A project too far?
  • Does Jess exist?
  • Sabrina and Jennifer have had an idea
  • Lillian’s not with R ick … or Paul

When did Freddie grow up?

He sounds like a young man now.

No more Ifty

Freddie has noticed that Elizabeth and Ifty don’t seem to be spending any time together these days.

[Freddie] “You used to like having a chat … it’s just, well, now you never seem to be there when we’re finished.”

Elizabeth reckons she’s just busy.

And, while they’re on the subject, she thinks Freddie doesn’t need to have lessons with Ifty anymore. He’s doing quite well on his own these days.

[Freddie] “I don’t mind having any more lessons, but I will miss Ifty.”

As will Elizabeth, I’d imagine.

But if she’s not ready, she’s not ready.

(though I wonder if this will mean Ifty disappearing from Ambridge altogether? What about the youth cricket?)

Staffing problems at the super dairy

The roofs are on the barns, and the heifers are on their way.

But, Rob’s having problems trying to hire assistant her managers with the right experience.

[Rob] “None of them have experience of working with herds larger than 300 cows.”


No staff means no super dairy?

(course not. Brian will intervene to find a way)

A project too far?

Elizabeth’s showing Lilian and Matt round the land she has for sale.

Looks like it’s a waste of Elizabeth’s time.

Matt’s interested, but Lilian is worried that it’s too big a project for them while they already have the old mill conversion. And, they’ve never built new before.

Matt’s not convinced it’s the project she’s worrying about.

[Matt] “Is that all?”

[Lilian] “Course it is.”

She then tells him she now has to go and meet Rick, their designer.

Matt doesn’t remotely believe that’s where she’s off to, but says nothing.

Does Jess exist?

Sounds like Jennifer is starting to question the very existence of Rob’s wife (Jess).

She was wondering if Jess had started job hunting in Borsetshire, so that she can move up. And that Rob must miss her ever so much …

To which Rob didn’t sound like he missed her, or was sure when she’d start job hunting.


[Jennifer] “You must bring her up one weekend and introduce her to life in Ambridge … she must come to the Flower Festival, at least.”

Jennifer made it sound as if it would be sheer madness to even remotely consider attending the Flower Festival …

Later on, to Brian:

[Jennifer] “Isn’t it so lovely to have someone so positive about the place.”

[Brian] “As long as he doesn’t drop the ball now.”

[Jennifer, ignoring Brian’s negativity] “Do you think jess really wants to move to Ambridge … poor Rob seems to be living the life of a single man at the  moment … at night, he’s still going back to an empty house.”

Anyhoo – what do we think the problem is with Jess and Rob?

Does she exist? Have they split up? Is she actually against the very concepts of Super Dairies …???

Sabrina and Jennifer have had an idea

[Jennifer] “Fundraising for the organ repair seems to be taking up every moment just now … Sabrina and I have had what I think might be a rather brilliant idea!”

God help us all …

Lillian’s not with Rick … or Paul

Lilian’s at the flat, waiting for Paul.

Matt calls Ricky to see if Lilian’s tale about having to meet him was true, or otherwise. She’s obviously not with him.


And to make matters worse for Lilian – she’s had to lie to meet Paul, but he doesn’t even show up.

[Lilian] “Enough’s enough. I’m sick to death being treated like this. Phone me. And don’t do anything stupid.”

Looks like the honeymoon period is definitely over for those two.

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caroline_venezia said...

I've also been wondering what the story is with Jess. Currently I think the most likely thing is she doesn't exist, but I really don't know. Your suggestion that she's against Super Dairies made me smile - I hadn't thought of that!