Thursday, 13 June 2013

Helen fancies Rob: Thurs 13. 06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 13th June 2013
  • Matt turns the screw
  • Rob and Helen flirt over milk
  • Daniel to the States, Pip to Yorkshire
  • Phoebe gives Lilian a hug

Matt turns the screw

Matt’s decided that they’re not going on holiday to Turkey. They need a proper break.

[Matt] “You can’t do that if you’re worried about demonstrations, or whatever … so, we’re off to Montenegro instead.”

Lilian agrees, but sounds perplexed.

Matt then suggests Lilian sleeps in the spare room. She’s tired, and she also happens to be keeping him awake with her night wandering.

Lilian agrees, but sounds perplexed.

Then …

[Matt] “I think I should go to Paul’s funeral on Monday … will you come with me?”

Lilian tries to get out of it by saying she has a meeting with Ric, and must have that meeting before they go on holiday.

[Matt] “Come on Puss, don’t bail out on me, I thought you’d want to support me … you’re the one who pushed me to track mum down in the first place, I knew it was a bad idea. I wish I never had now. My life made sense before … families, all they bring is baggage. And heart ache. He was my brother … any anyway, you’ve been invited.”

Lilian hasn’t got a choice.

Matt really is being quite evil …

Rob and Helen flirt over milk

Rob has invited Ian and Adam over for tea. Which, as Adam points out, not many people do out of being too nervous to cook for such a marvellous chef.

So, Rob heads to Ambridge Organics for inspiration.

[Rob] “I rather foolishly invited Adam Macy and his partner for dinner … I’m rather caught in the headlights.”

Luckily, he was talking to Helen. Who just happens to be Ian’s best pal.

She suggests spinach lasagne. Which Ian loves, and is easy to cook.

[Helen] “The start is our blue cheese. It makes the sauce really tangy.”

And, Rob can buy all of the rest of the ingredients at Ambridge Organics. Apart from the mince.

(that Helen really doesn’t miss a trick. Tom’s not the only sales person in the family)

In fact, Helen even has a recipe card for Rob. Which earns her an invite, as the recipe is for six. And:

[Rob] “Otherwise it’s just blokes. And four is much better than three.”

But it was but three.

Ian’s sous chef had called in sick, so it was just Rob, Helen and Adam.

So, it didn’t take long for the conversation to run to different ways of farming. It was all Rob’s fault, really. He mentioned the fantastic taste of Pat’s ice cream.

[Helen] “Yeah, well, that’s down to the organic milk.”

[Rob] “Oh come on, you don’t really believe it tastes different?”

Hmmm.  Surely Rob can’t believe that?

Anyhoo, that comment opened the flood gates for Helen.

[Helen] “I think it’s weird what you’re doing up there.”

[Rob] “Some think organics weird.”

Ah, but Helen argues that she has traceability on her side.

(such a popular concept these days)

Rob doesn’t seem to care, let alone know, where his milk will end up:

[Helen] “In a rubbery cheese slice in a supermarket in China.”

Ah, but Rob claims he’s delivering affordable milk.

[Helen] “At the cost of industrialising the countryside and destroying natural habitats.”

Ah, but Rob claims change is inevitable. And maybe if rural dwellers stopped concreting over their gardens …

[Rob] “I am a country boy Helen.”

[Helen] “Well, then you’re a paradox.”

As Rob leaves the room to answer his phone to Jess:

[Adam] “Anyway, he’s a big strong man. He can take it.”

[Helen] “And an attractive one.”

[Adam] “I thought so!”

[Helen] “Why are they always gay. Or married…”

Oh dear.

Pat and Tony were quite right to be worried …

Daniel to the States, Pip to Yorkshire

Ah well. Daniel probably deserves the slightly more exciting summer. He hasn’t caused trouble in an age.

Phoebe gives Lilian a hug

Phoebe pops round to see Lilian (a very uncommon occurrence indeed). She walks in on Lilian crying.

[Lilian] “Silly, silly me. I’ve just had a stinker of a day, that’s all.”

Phoebe was only after a sponsor for her swim-a-thon for a school in India. Lilian gives her £30..

[Phoebe] “Wow, that’s masses. Thanks!”

Phoebe then helps Lilian choose colours for painting the mill (actually, Phoebe has quite a talent for describing colours), and gets a soft drink for her trouble.

[Lilian] “Maybe even a biscuit.”

[Phoebe] “Aunty Lilian, do you want a hug?”

[Lilian] “Yeah. I’d like that very much.”


Very sweet indeed.

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