Friday, 28 June 2013

The Flower Festival – Fri 28.06.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 28th June 2013
  • The penny takes a while to drop for Clarrie
  • Daniel’s off to Wyoming
  • Jazzer drinks paint
  • Jolene drops a clanger
  • How much did the cows raise?

The penny takes a while to drop for Clarrie

As everyone’s setting up their flowers displays, Nic reports back to Clarrie that Christine only has a vase and lilies.

Clarrie reckons Christine is just running late.

As for Clarrie’s display:

[Clarrie] “I forgot to tell you the fairy lights were green. It’s on account of her being Irish.”


When Clarrie switches it on, all Nic can say is:

[Nic] “Well, the milk looks realistic, anyway …”

They then see Christine plugging something in.

But, it’s not fairy lights. They both say “wow”:

[Clarrie] “That’s just one little light over the top of it.”

[Nic] “It’s very classy.”

[Clarrie] “Classy. Yeah. Right. I’m going to get to the bottom of this!”

Clarrie goes over to talk to Christine.

[Clarrie] “That’s never it! Three lilies in a tall thin vase with a light shining down …”

[Christine, perplexed] “I’m not sure what you …”

[Clarrie] “Where’s the flashing fairy lights …”

[Christine] “A minimalist design needs space around it.”

Seems Christine felt that the simple symbolises the Virgin Mary. Clarrie’s rendered speechless.

[Clarrie] “It’s beautiful, Christine.”

Daniel’s off to Wyoming

Backpacking first, then off to work at Camp.

That lad will go far.

[Jolene] “Will all this travel make a man of him, like it did his Uncle Kenton?”

(she is smitten!)

Jazzer drinks paint

Pat stumbles on Jazzer hiding in a corner.

[Pat] “How long to you plan on being in their?”

Clarrie spots them, and marches over. She then marches him over to Christine’s.

Jazzer tries to say that Christine must have changed her mind.

[Clarrie] “You were feeding me bloomin’ fairy stories! … I wished one of you had stopped me.”

Nic complains that she did try, but Clarrie wouldn’t listen.

Jazzer tries to wiggle his way out by complimenting Clarrie’s display:

[Jazzer] “Yon milks genius!”

He reckons it’s a great idea, having somewhere folks can get their milk from.

Yup – Jazzer had out watered down emulsion in his coffee.

Serves the joker right.

Jolene drops a clanger

[Jolene] “Ye gods, someone’s gone to town, ain’t they … the one over there with the green lights. I dunno, talk about OTT. And all that pretend milk trickling, there’ll be more punters queuing for the loos than in here!”


Clarrie and Nic tell her that’s their display …

[Pat] “It’s lovely to have so many different styles, something for everyone  …”

How much did the cows raise?

Pat and Tony are watching the last of the milkers head off. Though they still have some cows left to be collected, and (of course) lonely cow.

They’ve also totted up that the sales raised £200,000. After fees and expenses, they’ll have £165,000.

Pat sounds disappointed.

[Tony] “It’s not at all bad in the current climate. It will be fine.”

[Pat] “Will it? Bridge Farm is a very different place now. We’re not dairy farmers anymore.”

Aye, I don’t think amount would have compensated Pat for that.

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