Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Meet the serfs – Tues 06.08.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 6th August
  • Lilian discovers Brenda is in cahoots
  • Just the new girl’s fault?
  • Nicolai Barbarin’s the chap with Matt’s money

Lilian discovers Brenda is in cahoots

Matt’s called Lilian to thank her for sending new bank cards. He also assures that he’s at a cheaper hotel.

[Lilian] “It can’t be the only reason why you’ve rung. It’s your birthday tomorrow. Are you sure you’re okay?”

Matt reckons he is.

He claims he’s been busy working on his exciting new deal. Lilian does ever so wish they could work on it together.

[Lilian] “It worries me Matt, you’re cutting yourself right off from Amside.”

Matt then slips and mentions that Brenda’s with him.

[Lilian] “Brenda! She’s there, with you…and when did you cook this up, before she resigned?!”

Oh, Lilian is mad. She reckons they’re having a grand o’ time:

[Lilian] “Are you gloating about the mess you’ve both left me in?”

Matt reminds her that’s entirely her fault.

[Lilian] “Oh Matt, let me back in. I’m not prepared to live like this forever.”

[Matt] “Fine, do what you want, I’m seeing this through.”

When Lilian hangs up, Matt starts sobbing.

Just the new girl’s fault?

Dmitry swears blind he does work at the office he claimed to. It was just the new girl who didn’t know him.

Brenda believes him.

Oh dear …

Nicolai Barbarin’s the chap with Matt’s money

Dmitry warns Brenda that Matt’s dealing with dangerous people.

He has information for Matt, but wants to give it to him, then walk away. He doesn’t want Brenda to be involved:

[Dmitry] “I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you…sometimes it’s better to not know everything.”

When they meet up with Matt, Dmitry gives him an address for Nicolai Barbarin. Seems he’s the one who swindled Matt and Vitaly. Dmitry and Brenda tell Matt not to go to the address, but, of course, he does.

(what else could he do?)

Next we hear is Matt crashing around somewhere. A woman comes in. She claims she just wants to tidy.

She’s terrified.

[Matt] “I don’t know anything about this, I’m from England. I’m an English businessman.”

(why does Matt keep trying to use that line? It didn’t work on the Police)

After a bit of manhandling, Matt manages to get a location from the woman. Despite Dmitry’s please, Brenda also followed Matt. So they all wind up in Dmitry’s car.

When they arrive wherever they arrive (!), Brenda’s shocked by the state of how the locals are living. Cottages that are more like shacks, and the like.

Dmitry wanted Brenda to stay in the car with the doors locked (of course, she does) to talk to a farmer.

A very drunk farmer.

Seems someone burnt down the drunk farmer’s barn.

[Dmitry] “The land here is worth a fortune, but these people’s lives are not. It’s easier to scare them away than to pay them … He says the country has been sold to foreigners. People like you …  Stalin would have dealt with this … Stalin would have looked after the people.”

(the Stalin bit was the drunk farmer. No sober person would say that, surely?)

Brenda then spots a black 4x4 at the top of the road. Seems it’s menacing, so Dmitry rushes her and Matt away.


Worth also noting that only Dmitry knew what the drunk farmer was saying. It was all Russian to everyone else …

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