Friday, 2 August 2013

Kathy does a bad Terminator impression – Thurs 01.08.13

Pondering The Archers  Thursday 1st August 2013
  • Tom does as Rob suggests
  • Dressing cheese
  • Martin has no sense of humour
  • Brian’s an “interesting” boss

Tom does as Rob suggests

Tom calls Rob for a drink. He suggests Bridge Farm, but Rob suggests The Bull.

(wonder why that is … Helen avoidance, surely. Wonder if Tom would buy him a pint if he know what Rob had been up to with his sister …)

Talk quickly turns to Tom’s ready meals.

Rob reckons that the time to increase production is now. Though sales are flattening. And before Bellinghams have placed another order.

Tony happens by, and overhears Rob then saying all of that.

[Tony] “Oh yes, I was forgetting, you’ve done it all!”

Rob makes a sharp exit (to order food), so Tony give Tom a rollicking instead.

When Tony gets home, he’s still furious. With Tom for possibly being too quick to produce, and with Rob:

[Tony] “Who the heck does he think he is. Sticking his nose into this family’s business?”

[Pat] “Absolutely. And not just with Tom, either.”

(oh-ho! If only Pat knew where else Rob had been sticking his nose …*)

(*sorry, that was very crude. Couldn’t resist!)

Dressing cheese

Kathy’s on the phone at work, trying to sort out another prize for the silent film night. This time, Pat’s in the firing line.

She offers Kathy a “dressed wheel of Borsetshire Blue”..

What’s that, then?

I know it’s Helen cheese, but how is it dressed?

A nice cravat?

Martin has no sense of humour

While on the phone to Pat, Kathy has a pop at Martin:

[Kathy] “Jamie calls him the Terminator, as in, ‘I’ll be back’ ....”

(oh Kathy. That was awful. Please don’t do any impressions ever again)

So, of course, Martin walks in. She pretends to be on the phone to a customer.

[Martin] “It’s no good pretending,. I know that isn’t a work call.”

Kathy explains she was meant to leave ten minutes ago. So, she’s technically in her own time.

[Martin] “We’re not here to clock watch!”

Kathy then explains that she’s trying to organise a community event. Martin couldn’t give a hoot:

[Mike] “Excuses are so demeaning, don’t you think?”

(ooft! What a b*tch that martin is turning out to be)

Martin had asked Kathy to do something about poor lunchtime trade. So she’s changed the menu.

[Martin] “I hardly think replacing tomato and basil with carrot and coriander as soup of the day is quite going to cut it, do you?”

[Kathy] “That was only for starters …”

[Martin] “Very droll.”

(well, it made me laugh!)

Martin only wants to see more profit. So, either the get more customers in (Kathy needs to think more creatively about that, he reckons), or they put the prices up.

Kathy reckons they can’t do either.

She’s not seeing things in a “wide enough” way, says Martin.

[Kathy] “I thought I was supposed to be focusing.”

Ah, that’s Martin’s not very consistent, is he?

He then decides that the way forward is to cut portions. Same number of customers, same price, smaller portions = more profit.

(um … surely it’ll just lead to more waste?)

Brian’s an “interesting” boss

So Reckons Rob.

[Rob] “Very results driven. Which suits me, most of the time.”

Tom tells him of his experience of working with (well, for) Brian. Though he still thinks Brian knows what’s what.

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